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  1. Duffy73

    Problem with Sales Channel

    I have no root access, so I can't check my apache config. Anyway, that's not logical. During installation, the system can set up sales channels correctly; then why not from inside the admin dashboard? But please don't spend any more thought on it, I'm trying another ecommerce solution.
  2. Duffy73

    Problem with Sales Channel

    Still not working, sorry. There is no virtual host section in my .htaccess. I can't understand the problem: during installation, the demo sales channels are set up by the install script perfectly. I don't understand, why another new sales channel can't be set up automatically in the correct way. Be it as it is, I'll stop trying osCommerce and give it up. It seems to me that it's not the right software for me. Thank you for trying!
  3. Duffy73

    Problem with Sales Channel

    do I get something wrong? I've created a new channel, no new design, an that doesn't work. I also copied an existing demo channel, doesn't work either. the demo channel works perfectly. I don't want/need a new design....
  4. Duffy73

    Problem with Sales Channel

    no, I only want to create a new sales channel. I have no root access.
  5. Duffy73

    Problem with Sales Channel

    btw: the demo sales channels work perfectly. little improvemnet: now he tells me: Oops! We can't seem to find the page you're looking for
  6. Duffy73

    Problem with Sales Channel

    Hi! I just made a clean installation (several clean installations) in a folder of my website , but can't set up a new sales channel. All it doe's is show me a blank page in preview. I changed none of the installation values. The problem occurs either setting up a new channel or copying an existing one. What's going wrong, can anybody give me a hint?