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  1. Come on, someone must have done this by now. We're also looking for something like this.
  2. mrbungle

    Paymentech Module error

    I followed Wheat's instructions and am using the latest, greatest revisions to the module and am now getting this: Address OR card verification failed: MB at the Checkout_Payment.php page. I received the same error message last week when I last messed around with our site, and I did see 5 transactions on my credit card from my testing, even though I had received this error message above. I went ahead and tried it again today, and am getting the same results. I looked at some of the Paymentech documentation, and I don't see this specific error message in them. I verified that the address, cvv, name, phone number were all correct when I typed them into the order. Thanks to Wheat for creating this and for the help that i've already received from him on getting this going on our new site.