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  1. Hi Bobby, have installed the new SEO URL and get an fatal error: CODE Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/dealer/main/pkg/besot/test/html/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 42 Please help me ....
  2. not work 1054 - Unknown column 'po.products_options_is_static' in 'field list' select distinct po.products_options_id, po.products_options_name as options, po.products_options_is_static as static from products p join products_description pd using (products_id) left join products_attributes pa using (products_id) left join products_options po on pa.options_id = po.products_options_id and pd.language_id = po.language_id left join products_options_values pov on pa.options_values_id = pov.products_options_values_id and pd.language_id = pov.language_id where p.products_id in (38,39) and pd.language_id = '4' order by p.products_id, po.products_options_name asc