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  1. A client has been bugging me that the create account is too complicated if the person just wants a simple order, Thanks to everyone working on this contrib! Anyway i dont know if its been mentioned before, but i noticed the login page displayed the 'proceed to checkout without creating acount' button even if they dont have any items yet (which doesnt make sence beucase they cant procede to checkout yet) and the script gave an error) to combat this i make it display the page without the login box, if the basket is in fact empty just change in catalog/login.php <?php if (PWA_ON == 'false') { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . FILENAME_PWA_ACC_LOGIN); } else { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . FILENAME_PWA_PWA_LOGIN); } ?> to <?php if (PWA_ON == 'false' || ($cart->count_contents() == 0) ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . FILENAME_PWA_ACC_LOGIN); } else { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . FILENAME_PWA_PWA_LOGIN); } ?> hope it helps somebody Barry PS. in response to mijman2 post about uninstalling, the best solution would be to simple restore a backup from just before you installed it (you did make one didnt you ;) ), failing that it should be fairly easy to reverse the steps of the uninstall, but you will probably still need backups of the modified files as the install only includes the new code. SQL code to delete entires should be (backup your database first as i havent fully tested this code) ALTER TABLE customers DROP INDEX purchased_without_account; ALTER TABLE customers DROP purchased_without_account; DELETE FROM configuration_group WHERE configuration_group_id = 40; DELETE FROM configuration WHERE configuration_group_id = 40; ALTER TABLE orders DROP purchased_without_account; Although in actual fact you should just be able to turn the contrib off using the config section of the admin, and then it would look like it never existed (expect the switch it back on ;-) )