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  1. msdesmarais

    Ultimate SEO URLs v3.0 Features

    Can this be used to rewrite other urls such as http://www.mydomain.com/about_us.php to http://www.mydomain.com/about_us.html?
  2. msdesmarais

    PayPal Isn't Working

    Got to love that! If they were getting the support at Cre Loaded - they would not be here. Glad I have copy of Cre that has been modified to work without issues. :-"
  3. msdesmarais

    Dangling Carrot (Free Gift/Discount Contrib)

    I am going to go ahead and make a assumption that when creating a gift you are setting the price at $0.00 in order for the contribution to keep from calculating the cost of the product?? :-"
  4. msdesmarais

    Dangling Carrot (Free Gift/Discount Contrib)

    looking at the code, there are two lines for the image you might notice that the image name in the code not commented out (in bold) is not even named the same as the original code or the actual file... change button_select_now_b_s.gif to button_select_now.gif...
  5. msdesmarais

    Dangling Carrot (Free Gift/Discount Contrib)

    He is something I found odd. When testing on my test pc, I have the a free gift set at a $25 threshold. When you add a product to the cart at or above the $25 threshold everything seems to work fine. However, after adding the 'free gift' the original product dissapears leaving the free gift as the item to be purchased.
  6. I got the contrib to install and work on my heavily modified store, but, it seems to conflict ith the Info System contribution installed in my store. Anyone have this problem??
  7. msdesmarais

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    I Installed Actual Attributes Price v1.0 and now I get the following error: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_configuration_key_value() in c:\appserv\www\catalog\includes\classes\shipping.php on line 34" After clicking on check out I get this error also: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_configuration_key_value() in c:\appserv\www\catalog\checkout_shipping.php on line 22" Has anyone installed this contrib without any errors? :angry: If so, maybe someone could post the fix here so those of use that have not got the bug(s) worked out can get it working? :( Michael