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    Merge customer duplicates

    Hi, I´m looking for a contribution to merge customer adresses. Some customers create more than one account and I want to merge these adresses to one customer account. Is there a contribution to perform this action in the admin menue? How can I prevent that customers create more than one account? Thanks! Werner
  2. Hi, I think some shop admins will know the problem, that some customers are too - let´s say - confused to remember their own emailadress, try to log in, fail and create a new account. To clean my customer datebase I´m looking for a contribution to merge customer duplicates to one customer account, without loosing their basket, their reviews and orders! Is there something like that? If there is something, please post it here ;) Thanks! Werner
  3. neosymptom

    allow cod to specific countries

    Hi, thanks for the tip :) Greetings Werner
  4. Hi, Does anyone know a contribution, where it?s possible to allow the payment method COD only to specific countries. It would be great if I could do this via the admin menue. To allow cod to a country you should fill in the countrycode (DE,CH...). Thanks for any help! Greetings Werner