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  1. Is there any way I can sort the posisions of the drop downs for the sequencial dropdowns option? I have 3 options and they need to be in a specific order. for selection, how can I change this?
  2. Namely the stock portion of QTpro is not working with "New Attributes Manager" That is the only portion that is not working.
  3. Any one integrate QTPro with New Attribute Manager? I would really really like to be able to use both of these contribs, together even. If any one can help me, Please Pipe up!
  4. Any one integrate QTPro with New Attributes Manager? If so can you post the changes you made. I have them both working, but not together. so when I make the attributes with New attributes manager, they dont show up in the stock.php page of the product.
  5. Is there away for me to copy attributes to multiple products? so that I dont have to keep entering the same attributes to hundreds of items?
  6. Can any one help me with this issue? Im trying to get QTPro to work with EasyPopulate. But I just cant figure it out. If any one has this working if they would give me a run down on how to use the Tab Delimited files to work with QTPro. Please! I have a tonn of stock to input.
  7. I keep getting an error saying that The redirect limmit for this page has been exceeded. Any Idea why I get this error, I remove your contrib and every thing goes back to normal. I get this error when I have the page set as down for maint. www.jagged-jewelry.ca
  8. Hotwire

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Is there any way at all that this contrib will work with the Paypal IPN v 1.1 ? Im like desperate here.
  9. Hotwire

    CCGV Help Needed

    Iv tried to install CCGV about 10 times. And I just keep messing it up. I follow the instructions to the "T" but I guess with the other contributions Iv installed, I just dont put things in the right places. I dont know wether its conflictions with already installed contribs, or that Im just not good at this. I dont know. Its currently not installed. But here is a link to my site. www.jagged-jewelry.ca If any one needs any info please ask. :thumbsup: Here are the contribs I have installed right now: - NewsDesk - STS - QTPro - EasyPopulate - Customer testimonials - Admin 2.1 - FAQ system - Newsletter - Fancier Invoice and Packing slip - PDF Catalogue - Custome template - HTML New Member Email I hope this helps! :thumbsup:
  10. Hotwire

    What to do?

    Iv attempted to install CCGV about 10 times now. And I always get a variation of the same problem. Plank pages or no pages at all. I have installed about 10 other contribs and was wondering if: a ) There were any conflicting contributions. b ) Some one could help me do this to make sure Im not making a mistake. Thank you. John Brent
  11. Hotwire

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Im also not able to update the order status or notivy the customer. When I click on the update button it goes to a blank screen. If any one can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Hotwire

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Im just looking for a little help when it comes to this contrib. It involves Taxes. I have totaly removed all taxes from OSC. Like I mean everything is totaly taken away from it. Yet The template still shows 8.000% as the tax. Is this a common problem? If now can any one help me figure this out? Heres My Link So that you can check it out your self. Thanks alot.
  13. Can you please elaborate on this? I really need to get this cleared up ASAP. Thanks allot.
  14. Iv installed a new copy of OSC, and did a full install of this contrib. And It all seems to install okay. But When I try to visit the admin panel I get a blank page. Any answers for this on?
  15. Hello iv been trying to figure out how to sort the Dropdowns to my likeing, and trying to fix the problem of only some of the items showing up in the dropdowns, but with no luck. If any one can help me with this I would greatly apperciate it. The problems are: A) The drop downs are in the wrong order, B) Even though, they are put as in stock, only some of the items are in the drop down. If some one can point me to an answer, or show me a solution it would help alot.! Thank you.
  16. I figured it out! Duh... I was browsing from work. And work wont let some scripting run . my fault! Sorry! :P
  17. Hotwire

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    Thank you. That clears alot of things up.
  18. okay so I have one wierd problem. I had some items so that I would have a template to follow for EP&PA. I downloaded it, and edited it with Excel, saved it in tab delimited, and uploaded. Every thing worked great, or untill I tried to view the products them selfs. Somthing has made the product image's and click to enlarge link disapear from the product info page. Has any one else every had this problem? Please help!
  19. Hotwire

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    I know you answered me, But Im looking for more to the answer. You said change that stuff. And I did, but your not explaining how to change the actual physical layout. Like maybe I want boxes to be shaped differnt? Images in differnt places. lists of items with just a Small Image, Name, Decsrition, and price, insead of all the information.
  20. Hotwire

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    I still havent had any luck. If any one can help me please?
  21. Hotwire

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    I was wondering if some one could help me make some changes the the catalogs layout. Id like to change how it looks and how the catalog looks. Also Id like to put the table of contents at the begining of the catalog. And some other niceties.
  22. I fixed the code for the layout, so I got rid of the old drop downs. Now If I can just Sort the attributes, and get them all to show up properly.
  23. Okay, Here is my site : www.jagged-jewelry.ca I have a few problems : A) Id like the Attribues sorted in an other order (Diameter/Length > Ball Size) B) Even though they are instock, not all the attribuets show. C) I have two sets of Attribute Drop downs on the product_info page. Iv followed the code along, but have no luck finding where I get rid of the old set. Please help!
  24. I run an online jewelry shop. And I have searched but found no contribution, so far, that allows what I requier. What I need is the ability to assign attributes to attributes. What I mean is this, I have an Earing. and they come in multiple ring sizes and multiple ball sizes. But some ball sizes are only available with some ring sizes. Is is possible to be able to pick say 1/2" ring and then only be able to pick the ball size 3mm or 4mm. Or a 3/4" Ring size with ball size 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm? I would make individual attributes for each, but we are looking at over 300,000 individual combonations. Thanks :thumbsup: Or a better example: You sell a sweater. And that sweater comes in Sm Med Lg. And in 3 differnt colors. But lg in not available in all colors. so when you select lg, only the colors available show. so that you cant order a lg in blue becasue they dont exist.