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  1. patrick77550

    Index Page to shopping_cart.php

    How about modifying http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2292/ ?
  2. Tony, Excellent structural approach! Now when I complete my workoder for our shop floor it's a piece of cake to add it to the list. Patrick
  3. patrick77550

    Problem Order total not in admin

    Have you tried going to Admin>Modules>Order Total and either installing if not previously installed or selecting each component then choosing edit>update (no changes likely necessary)? Just fixed essentially the same problem for me.
  4. patrick77550

    New update for Net Terms

    Joe, Thanks for fixing this contribution. I could only sort of make the original work. (Hey my first coding was on PUNCH CARDS.)
  5. I wondered if anyone has a sucessfully modified checkout_confirmation.php,v 1.139 they would share. I can make it ignore credit status and allow everyone to use Net Terms or I can get it to not let you checkout unless you have credit enabled. lol
  6. I can answer #1 at least one way. When you add the column customers_credit_amount to the customers table set the default to whatever you wish. (it's 0000.00 in the readme)
  7. OK like coding usually goes I fixed a couple of things I did wrong. Stephen, if you allow I have a couple of proposed changes for the readme for guys like me. I've changed around line 36 in admin/customers.php 'customers_credit_left' => $customers_credit_left, 'customers_credit_status' => $customers_credit_status, 'customers_credit_amount' => $customers_credit_amount, to find the text $sql_data_array = array('customers_firstname' => $customers_firstname, in admin/customers.php around line 157 insert the array values 'customers_credit_left' => $customers_credit_left, 'customers_credit_status' => $customers_credit_status, 'customers_credit_amount' => $customers_credit_amount, changed the two occurences of ENTRY_CREDIT to 'Credit Suspended' and 'Credit Disabled' respectively
  8. patrick77550

    upload error

    Yes this means the page is referring to a field named products_options_types_id in the table products_options_types in the OScommerce database. You can add the needed field to the table using PHPmyAdmin or similar utility. You need to check the readme on your contribution to see what parameters to give the field. Actually products_options_types is not one of the original tables so you may have to add the table itself. Again your readme should give you the instructions. If you added the table already I would check the spelling of the field name. Patrick
  9. Hi Stephen, Thank you for your contribution. I seem to have messed something up on admin/customers.php It does not update the customer's credit status in customers.dbf If I manually change credit status to 'enabled' the credit fields display on customers.php But if the credit status is 'disabled' it displays the 'credit is disabled/enable' radio group but shows ENTRY_CREDIT to its left. The one thing I couldn't quite get from your readme was, "around line 36 in admin/customers.php 'customers_credit_left' => $customers_credit_left, 'customers_credit_status' => $customers_credit_status, 'customers_credit_amount' => $customers_credit_amount," had to comment these lines out to stop a syntax error. I think you'll be happy to see your contribution in use Arbor School Products Any suggestion is appreciated. Patrick