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  1. shayrgob

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    The size of the images varies. I tested a # of diff. image sizes and they all end up a different size as thumbnails. This will obviously not work for any ecommerce site. I adjusted the settings as you described and the images go to the width I have set (100) but their height is all different. I'm looking 100 X 80 thumbnails. The thing is that I've seen this done on other sites so I know it can be done. Should I look into a diff. contribution?
  2. shayrgob

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    I just installed oscThumb to http://www.importwerks.com and it doesn't seem to be working properly. It shows in the admin area and I can configure the settings but the thumbnails keep showing up at roughly 60 pixels wide regardless of what I do with the settings. In the "images" section I have the width set at 100 so I don't know why it's showing at 60. Any ideas??? thanks
  3. shayrgob

    What contribution is this?

    hey thanks for your response. I actually already have the Year, make, model contribution installed. I'm referring to the category box beneath the Vehicle selector. I want my category box to look like theirs where each category is separated by a line and then when you hover over it it lights up.
  4. www.vividracing.com/catalog/index.php Take a look at the category box. I want mine to look like that and have the same functionality. Anyone know what contribution can do that? thanks
  5. shayrgob

    Got a problem w/ Paypal

    hey, I installed paypal website payments pro but I'm having a slight problem. When the customer goes through the transaction proccess and chooses to pay w/ paypal, they get this error: Authorization Failed This transaction is invalid. Please return to the recipient's website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow. What could the problem be? I'm thinking that it might have something to do w/ the API signature but I'm not sure. I do have a signature provided from paypal but I didn't do anything with it. Am I supposed to? thanks
  6. shayrgob

    Question about paypal website payments pro

    And one more question while I'm at it. Please go to: http://www.importwerks.com/shopping_cart.php and look at the bottom where it says "checkout w/ paypal". How do I remove that? That will confuse customers b/c there is a checkout button right about it. thanks
  7. I just installed paypal website payments pro and I have a few questions. In paypal, I am given 2 options for setting up API. One is "grant API permission" and the other is "request API credentials". I am assuming that I need to choose the 2nd one. Then when I get to that page, i get 2 more options. I can choose between an "API signature" or "API SSL client-side certificate" Which one should I choose? Which is better? Thanks for the help
  8. shayrgob

    The paypal payment details screen??

    Hmm, Im not sure why it says oscommerce but i sell car parts to let you know, www.importwerks.com And there is something weird going on b/c the screen used to be different. It was split into 2 sections. On the left there was the option to use your paypal account and on the right it had the option to just pay for the credit card which made it look soo much easier to use but now it went back to this screen.
  9. shayrgob

    The paypal payment details screen??

    any ideas?
  10. shayrgob

    The paypal payment details screen??

    How do i modify this page so i can change the text, Instead of it saying, if you do not have a paypal account "click here" I want: To pay by credit card "click here"
  11. shayrgob

    Need some help!

    I just installed the shipping rate per item contribution and im having a problem in the admin--> shipping modules area. WHen i go in there this error displays: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class prodrate in /home/nissan/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/prodrate.php on line 13 Here is line 13: class prodrate { I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out w/ this. thanks
  12. I just added this contribution and when i go to the admin area and then go to the shipping modules i get this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class prodrate in /home/nissan/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/prodrate.php on line 13 And here is my line 13: class prodrate { So if someone would help me out i would really appreciate it. thanks!
  13. shayrgob

    Which paypal contribution is it?

    Im sort of confused as to what paypal contribution i need that allows people to pay instantly w/ a credit card on my site w/o having to sign up w/ paypal. thanks
  14. I have a problem w/ a contribution and i need that indvship file b/c i think this line has a problem: $shiptotal = $cart->get_shiptotal(); So if someone has this file i would appreciate it if you can post it up for me. thanks