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  1. First - it is not displaying products_id; it is passing products_id to the Display function which is supposed to return the appropriate information. BUT, it does not work.!!! The reason is that the SQL used is NOT correct and it DOES NOT use GEO_ZONES - it uses ZONES only (which are actually countries). If you check my previous post I need to get my laptop running and I can send what I have done to anyone who wants it (I had not finished testing the shopping cart and checkout functions - I had the Admin part running like a champ).
  2. I have almost gotten it finished (but, :'( my test laptop fried the system board and it will be another few days before I am back up and running). However, this module could never have worked except using Country zones and not geo-zones. Also, there are (now it is from off the top of my head because I cant get at my patches) numerous problems with the sql (it is invalid and it also can be quite slow since there are no keys and it should be made with joins). If anyone wishes (let me know) I can send them what I have changed and where I am with the testing - but I will need to get my laptop back operational first.
  3. I just tried out this contribution. :huh: But, I am perplexed. In admin/categories.php there is no code to show the product shipping price, nor to display, or insert in a zone and price (nor did anything show up when I tested - that is how I noticed the missing code). Did you post your working code? :rolleyes: One change I did in the indvship.php was to have the install of the module add the required products price field, and the ship zones table (plus to have the install default to disabled so that the prices could be input prior to enabling), and to delete on uninstall. This makes integration, installation not require additional external steps other than installing the module, then adding in the additional code.