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  1. Added those new four files, seems to work great but I only tested it for a minute... Will let you know if any issues come up. Thanks, you've been great help.
  2. I am using a snapshot from 2.1 and thinking of upgrading to 2.2ms2. what happens to all the contributions that I have installed before when I upgrade? I know some contributions are easy, they can just be installed again.. but how about the ones that store a lot info in the database..?? I am concerned about a contribution that kept all the meta tag info for every product that I have in my store. I think it was by linda. I am sure a lot of people have the same question.
  3. What is a best way to link to allprods page so search engines would catch it easily? Should I just hardcode it into some page like about_us??? Or put it into a frame like 'information' (you the one in the left column.. which has links to 'contactus', 'shipping and returns', etc.)