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  1. I am using Dynamo Checkout and have Sage Direct Version 1.1. and am just testing the integration, but I cant work out where I enter the Encryption Passwords for Live and Test environments. I have entered the Vendor Login Name in the admin area, but there are no option to enter in the passwords for Live or Test Environment. Does anyone know where I have to enter these please? Thanks!
  2. @@DunWeb or anyone else perhaps... :) Osc Version: 2.2 Checkout System: Using Dynamo One Page Checkout and Paypal Express Problem: Visitors get transferred from checkout.php to Paypal Express, after they have entered their details on Paypal and click PAY NOW they then get transferred back to checkout.php to reconfirm payment via paypal express and click confirm and booking is success. I want the moment visitors click on Pay Now on paypal to go to checkout_success.php and order to be made. To do this I understand that I need to go into /includes/modules/payment/paypal_wpp.php and amend the below line to go to /checkout_process.php, is that right and if so how can I do this? $order_info['PAYPAL_RETURN_URL'] = htmlspecialchars(html_entity_decode(tep_href_link(basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']),'action=express_checkout', 'SSL'))); Anyones help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  3. cclayton

    Amend paypal express return url... how?

    So how do I get the checkout_process.php to recognise that payment and all details are confirmed and to go direct to checkout_success.php then? It just seems crazy that we are asking then to reconfirm what they have already accepted as its causing a big drop out. Thanks!
  4. cclayton

    Paypal Express redirect to checkout_success.php

    Thanks Steve, I have done this but it makes no difference so I assume there's something in my code that needs amending.
  5. How can I get it so that after people have made payment by Paypal Express they are directed to checkout_success.php and not to checkout.php as it appears to be confusing customers who think they have paid. Any ideas?
  6. cclayton

    Paypal Express redirect to checkout_success.php

    Thanks for the response Chris, I am using Dynamo Checkout - where do I make this change?
  7. I am running oscommerce 2.2 with Dynamo Checkout and have just implemented Paypal Express Checkout, but the problem I have is that when you click on the Paypal Express button on the Checkout page it takes you through to the Paypal site but the Order Summary tab on the left hand side of the screen is completely empty. I have tried a few addons that supposedly fix this but none of them appear to work for me. Can anyone please assist me in getting the Order Summary in Paypal to populate the Basket Data from the Checkout page? Many thanks. Chris
  8. When I run my site through pingdom tools it tells me that: The following resources are missing a cache validator. Resources that do not specify a cache validator cannot be refreshed efficiently. Specify a Last-Modified or ETag header to enable cache validation for the following resources: Then it details all the images on the page. Any ideas on how I can resolve this easily for just caching my images and nothing else? Thanks!
  9. cclayton

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    This worked for me, thanks.
  10. I am using the Ultimate URLs contribution and have a issue, I have amended the name of a product and therefore its link has changed from a to b, as seen below: (a) domain.com/great-product-p-12.html (B) domain.com/awesome-product-p-12.html The problem is that I only want (B) domain to work and I want (a) to now go to a 410 page. The reason why I want this is because google is duplicating the page and therefore penalising me for duplicate content. Does anyone know how I can resolve this simply? I dont want to just 410 the page in htaccess as this is a much bigger issue across many products. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris
  11. cclayton

    Ultimate URLs Help with modification

    So I have made some amendments to my seo.class.php and this has meant that all the links have changed on the website the way I want them and they go through okay and function, but the URL that is output is still showing as the old URL without the "great-keyword" text in. Any idea's what I can do to amend this? So while the URL's on the site show as: www.domain.co.uk/category-great-keyword-c-1.html they output in the address bar when landing on the page as: www.domain.co.uk/category-c-1.html Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. I am interested in changing the url format for my category urls, at present they appear something like this: domain.co.uk/category-c-121.html I would like to change it to domain.co.uk/category-great-keyword-c-121.html I would like all categories to have the "Great Keyword" text at the end of the URL... I have tried doing this by updating the seoclass and .htaccess but with no luck. Can anyone advise whether this is indeed possible? If so, how? Thanks!
  13. cclayton

    Ultimate URLs Help with modification

    Is no one interested in being able to do this? That suprises me... when I change the seoclass and htaccess everything appears okay on the site then I click on a link that appears like below and nothing happens. domain.co.uk/category-great-keyword-c-9.html I then look at my log files and see that its trying to get to the below link: domain.co.uk/category-great-keyword-c-0.html Anybody? :)
  14. I have installed the below contrib, and its working... sort of. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4082 My problem... (well oscommerce related)... is that instead of appearing like this: http://www.greatdomain.co.uk/my-category/ It appears like this: http://www.greatdomain.co.uk/my-category/index.php/cPath/983 Any ideas on how I can resolve this? Its driving me a little crazy. Thanks!
  15. I really need some help, at the moment I have installed the Ultimate SEO URLs plugin but I dont find the URL's very friendly... for example, my URLs for a product look like this: /hand-bag-p-953.html I would like it to look like this... category/sub-category/hand-bag.html Am I able to do this and if so how can I amend the files to make this work? I have seen it work on this oscommerce store (advertised on the oscommerce site): www.alligator-lederwaren.de/rimowa/limbo.html Thanks!
  16. cclayton

    Easy Populate add new field

    Thanks so much for this! Very helpful!
  17. I have added some 5 new fields to my products table and these are updatable via the admin section and output on the product_info.php, I would like to also upload data to these new fields using Easy Populate when I upload to all the other usual fields at the same time. Any ideas how I can do this?
  18. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Does anyone know how to add in the PRODUCT MODEL into the PRODUCTS section of the confirmation email using Dynamo Checkout? If you can let me know I would be eternally grateful. Thanks, Chris
  19. cclayton

    affiliates feed

    Dont suppose anyone had any luck with this?
  20. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Okay, so Paypal arent being very helpful. I need to provide them with the XML Request and Response back from Paypal - any ideas where I can find this? I have tried to find it - but either I am looking in the wrong place or its not there. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I ha a load more declines last night with the same error and I am losing a lot of business and in the current climate I cannot afford it. Regards, Chris
  21. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Thanks Glen! This is is exactly the info that I am looking for but I dont seem to have AVS Settings under my profile. Can you advise where I go to find this and if I dont have it how I can get it. At the moment I am looking under "Profile" and the only option I have is "Payment receiving preferences" under "Security and risk settings" but I cant find AVS there, the only Risk Controls I can find are "Country Monitor" and "Maximum Ammount". Thanks again. Chris
  22. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Since last Monday 18th October all my US transactions are being declined with the error code of "[ErrorCode] => 10505" and then this relates to the AVS Code returning the following "[AVSCode] => C" - according to the Paypal AVS Error Codes document it is saying that it is being returned as "International 'N'" and therefore it is being declined and I just dont understand why. Before this time we were making US transactions no problem and now they are ALL declined with this same error - any ideas? Please note when I speak to the customers whose cards are declined they have spoken to their bank and they have all been authorised by their bank and I have had over 20 different customers this week all with the exact same problem. All other countries dont seem to have a problem its just my US customers. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss now. Chris
  23. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Does anyone know how long the session stays open using dynamo checkout? I appear to have a lot of customers that get to the one page basket and then leave it a while then attempt payment and no order data is transferred due to session timeout. I cant work out how long the session lasts and where I can change this to see if this makes a difference. Thanks!!
  24. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    On occassions I get a Paypal Error and looking at the dump, I see the error is: [shortMessage] => Invalid Data [LongMessage] => This transaction has been completed, but the total of items in the cart did not match the total of all items. [ErrorCode] => 15008 [severityCode] => Warning When looking at it in more detail I see the issue is here: [PaymentDetailsItem][Name]London To Edinburgh Day Tour[/Name][Amount currencyID=GBP]135.00[/Amount][Number]-[/Number][Quantity]0[/Quantity] [/PaymentDetailsItem][PaymentDetailsItem][Name]Order Total Discrepancy[/Name][Amount currencyID=GBP]268.00[/Amount][Number]-[/Number][Quantity]1 [/Quantity][/PaymentDetailsItem] [/PaymentDetails] When it should look like this... [PaymentDetailsItem][Name]London To Edinburgh Day Tour[/Name][Amount currencyID=GBP]135.00[/Amount][Number]-[/Number][Quantity]2[/Quantity] [/PaymentDetailsItem] This problem only happens on occassions and I cannot understand what the customer has done to make this happen. If you would like to see the basket we use with this particular example then go to http://www.sightseeingtourslondon.com/edinburgh-trip-c-36.html and select 2 adults and Book Now and you will see my basket setup. 95% of bookings go through without a problem, its just a small amount where this error crops up and I would love to understand how/why and to resolve it. Thanks, Chris
  25. cclayton

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    By the way... most bookings go through fine but its just a small % of orders where we get the above error sent to us and I have setup the site so they have to have a product (with a value more than zero) in the basket in order to checkout but I think its due to a session timeout that its being lost but I am not sure. Thanks again. Chri