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  1. spiritalan

    UPSXML not returning quotes

    Thank you Kym and everyone who participated for your support on this issue. 👍
  2. spiritalan

    New management and osCommerce v4

    With V4 will SPPC - Separate Pricing Per Customer be part of the core development or will that be something that will need development as an add on?
  3. spiritalan

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Wow. That was fast. I had the same problem. Fixed. Thank you posters.
  4. The First Class Package Service accepts up to 16 ounces for "Online" or commercial rates. I tested this to be true. Retail rates for USPS First Class packages are acceptable up to 13 ounces. This I checked on USPS Click n Ship quotes. Around line 283 in new module script by kymation we have: if( preg_match( '#First\-Class#', $request_type ) && $this->usps_weight < 16/16 ) { I tested this and it works for "Online" or commercial rates. The old module code used 13/16, I'm guessing for Retail quotes, however with this you still could receive Online quotes up to 13 ounces. For my personal preference I put the new code back to 13/16 to limit the Online quotes. This still works for Online quotes but now only up to 13 ounces. Alan
  5. In the shipping module configuration in Admin it has 1st Class Parcel and 1st Class Package Service. 1st Class Package Service works for Online quotes, not Retail. 1st Class Parcel does not bring up Retail quotes, but it does bring up Online quotes only if 1st Class Package Service is enabled with it. Thanks again, Alan
  6. Thanks Jim for the cleanup. As you said this fix is for those who use "Online" or commercial rates. This is important because after updating I can still switch to Retail rates in Admin and the methods I use still show up except for First Class Retail Package rates. You would not want to use this update if you want First Class Retail Package rates. This update helps me because I use Online rates. I appreciate your help. Alan
  7. Jim, I did the edit you posted on Tuesday and the edit today and now I receive commercial quotes for First Class Mail. On the last edit you need to add a comma \'First-ClassTM Package Service\', This module now works for me; but set up as it is, when switching from "Online" to "Retail" there are no retail quotes for First Class Package Service - RetailTM I appreciate the help you have given. Alan
  8. Debug is turned on, however I am not getting any emails. I am going to try and find out why.
  9. Jim I tried adding "Commercial" to the location you mentioned and First Class quotes no longer shows up. I tried it with all caps and without all caps in various ways and does not work. Alan
  10. Jim (kymation), Ok, I've done more testing on my site and I think I may have progressed in getting some correct answers. First, I have tested Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International. These are returning correct quotes whether I select "Retail" or "Online" pricing for the shipping module. Second, It is the First Class option that probably there has been some confusion as to the operation concerning the shipping module. Maybe someone can enlighten me. I use PayPal for my USPS shipments and they offer me Commercial based pricing. As I said earlier, all shipping methods I use, except (I think) First Class Mail, operate with no problem. When I select "Online" pricing with the shipping module the quote corresponds correctly to the discount I receive through PayPal (PitneyBowes). Though the option for the First Class mail is First-Class Package Service - Retail™, since the change in September 2017 when I selected "Online" I had been receiving Commercial based quotes not retail. But since this last price change (1/19/2018), the shipping module is now returning Retail quotes. So maybe the problem is NOT what is happening now, but what was happening since September 2017. Maybe a temporary backward compatible situation?? This would mean that our OSC shipping module does not have an option for Commercial based quotes for First Class Mail though I do receive them through PayPal when I purchase the label. As a result I cannot offer my First Class package customers the shipping discount through this module. Do I have this conclusion correct?
  11. This past week US Postal Service had a rate change implemented. One thing that is not working properly: First Class mail is receiving retail quotes instead of commercial (Online) quotes. This started with this change that USPS implemented. Before this the contribution worked fine. I enable: First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International. So far Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express seem to return correct quotes Online. Alan
  12. spiritalan

    Country-State Selector

    Actually I first used Country State Selector BS - v2.4.3 followed instruction then. I removed and installed Country State Selector BS - v2.4.1. These are the only instructions, "Upload the files contained in ZIP to server, then install and active the module in Header Tags". I did exactly what the instructions say and I still have the same problem.
  13. OK. I calculated incorrectly. All quotes are coming up Ok. Forget my last post, I was wrong, sorry.
  14. OK. I did the change as quoted above and now I am getting First Class quotes again. However, my Retail and Online quotes are coming back about $0.29 higher and are the same. I checked the retail price on USPS Click and Ship and Retail is still the same as it was before this problem; according to their website, prices have not changed. Anyone else receiving different quotes than before this problem of not getting quotes? Alan
  15. spiritalan

    Country-State Selector

    Ditto Dave (videod) I hope someone can correct this. I also use 2.3.4 BS Edge.