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  1. Jack, Yes, at this time I do not have PayPal Payments Advanced, I often use Virtual Terminal which as you say is under the PayPal Payments Pro which offers Direct Payments which I do not use. I will need to speak again with PayPal to see what can be done. I really need Virtual Terminal for phone orders. Thanks again Jack Alan
  2. I tried the stand alone version of OSC PayPal Payments Pro Hosted Solution and it has the same effect as the module in the PayPal App. I expected this much, but thought I would give it go anyways.
  3. Jack, I communicated with PayPal. It's true that Website Payments Pro is also called PayPal Payments Pro. This is what I have with PayPal. However I am in the USA and PayPal does not offer the Hosted solution with Website Payments Pro also called PayPal Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal. This has been part of the confusion. I can use Direct Payments but I have been trying to get around the maintenance and cost of PCI Compliance. Your video link above does show a feature that PayPal in the States does offer to use an iframe, it's called PayPal Payments Advanced. Here is a link the PayPal tech sent me which shows PayPal does not offer Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution in the USA and the countries that it does: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/products/website-payments-pro-hosted-solution/ I have not yet tried out the stand alone version as you mentioned, but I know it wouldn't hurt. Thanks, Alan
  4. Jack, I installed Express Checkout, it works ok in Sandbox and as far as I could go without paying for product in Live mode. Then I turned on PPPayments Hosted Solution both in Sandbox and Live modes, with PayPal switch on for Express Checkout on PayPal site, and everything that I posted in post #1 is still the same. As far as I can see my API credentials are the same as on PayPal site. Thanks again, Alan
  5. Thanks for the answer Jack. The demo goes further than what I can do on my store. In the demo, the iframe with form to enter credit card details is available; on my store it is not there. Because this is a sandbox demo I entered phony cc details and it did not go any further. I'm not sure if this is the way it's supposed to work or if the demo ends at this point or do I have to put real cc details in the form? Nevertheless, since I can't get the iframe and form to even show up on my store, could this be because I'm using OSC V.2.3.4 BS Edge?
  6. I updated my server system because I noticed while testing connection with the PayPal App the TLS v1.2 it was failing, outdated cURL version was not playing well with TLS V.1.2. Now the testing works and TLS v1.2 connections pass. However, I still have the same problem as above in first post. PayPal Payments Hosted Solutions does not work. :(
  7. I am using OSC V234 BS Edge. I have the PayPal App installed and have been for many months had excellent use of PayPal Payments Standard. I updated in Admin the PayPay App to V5.018 OSC return a successful update message. PayPal Payments Standard is still working. Now I am trying to use, for the first time, PayPal Payments Hosted Solution. Admin returns the message successful installation, but it does not work. The error message on the Confirmation page under Payment Information: "Error Processing Payment", (then) "This transaction can't be processed. Please pay with another card." But nothing has been entered I have only landed on the Confirmation page. When I informed PayPal. the support person said that he could see that I had made many unsuccessful attempts to communication with them. Many searches on this forum have not yet brought any answers to my problems, at least none that appear to help. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Alan
  8. Thanks, Scott. I'll check out includes/functions/general.php. Alan
  9. Scott, I found the reason why the code for SPPC in includes/functions/database.php was breaking my front end of store. The code was moved to includes/functions/general.php. I am using the contribution from 4 Jan 2014. Alan :)
  10. Scott, Have a great weekend. :)
  11. Scott, See my post above: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/53436-seperate-pricing-per-customer-v35/?p=1728491 I found the problem this time on about line 808. This needs correcting in your contribution file admin/customer_groups.php. Also, a few lines of code before this problem, 796-798, have a lot of extra spaces after the lines of code. Alan :)
  12. Scott, I will try and give you as much information as I can which I hope will help you in your contribution cut and paste development. Most of what I copy and pasted is from the latest SPPC contribution just before yours. The following code might be significant. I found it in my file admin/includes/languages/english.php but not in yours. // BOF Separate Pricing Per Customer define('IMAGE_GROUP_PRICES', 'Group Prices'); define('IMAGE_NEW_GROUP', 'New Customer Group'); // EOF Separate Pricing Per Customer Alan :)
  13. Scott, I don't know what admin/functions/database.php file is for and I can't find by commenting out functions what's causing the mod to break the store so maybe it is something else within my changes in other files. I am now checking my files against yours. This is something I have not done except only with about 10 files; many of the ones I could not copy and paste within the code of each file. Let's see how this goes. My first file I find different than yours is admin/includes/functions/general.php. The following code is missing in yours. I believe this is for attributes. I don't use attributes for my store, but it appears my attributes is working for group pricing. It is pasted before the last ?> in file. // Separate Price Per Customer function tep_get_hide_info($customers_groups, $attributes_hide_from_groups) { $hide_attr_from_groups_array = explode(',', $attributes_hide_from_groups); $hide_attr_from_groups_array = array_slice($hide_attr_from_groups_array, 1); // remove "@" from the array $attribute_hidden_from_string = ''; $hide_info = ''; if (LAYOUT_HIDE_FROM == '1') { for ($i = 0; $i < count($customers_groups); $i++) { if (in_array($customers_groups[$i]['customers_group_id'], $hide_attr_from_groups_array)) { $attribute_hidden_from_string .= $customers_groups[$i]['customers_group_name'] . ', '; } } // end for ($i = 0; $i < count($customers_groups); $i++) $attribute_hidden_from_string = rtrim($attribute_hidden_from_string); // remove space on the right $attribute_hidden_from_string = substr($attribute_hidden_from_string,0,strlen($attribute_hidden_from_string) -1); // remove last comma if (!tep_not_null($attribute_hidden_from_string)) { $attribute_hidden_from_string = TEXT_GROUPS_NONE; } $attribute_hidden_from_string = TEXT_HIDDEN_FROM_GROUPS . $attribute_hidden_from_string; // if the string in the database field is @, everything will work fine, however tep_not_null // will not discover the associative array is empty therefore the second check on the value if (tep_not_null($hide_attr_from_groups_array) && tep_not_null($hide_attr_from_groups_array[0])) { $hide_info = tep_image(DIR_WS_ICONS . 'tick_black.gif', $attribute_hidden_from_string, 20, 16); } else { $hide_info = tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'pixel_trans.gif', $attribute_hidden_from_string, 20, 16); } } else { // default layout: icons for all groups for ($i = 0; $i < count($customers_groups); $i++) { if (in_array($customers_groups[$i]['customers_group_id'], $hide_attr_from_groups_array)) { $hide_info .= tep_image(DIR_WS_ICONS . 'icon_tick.gif', $customers_groups[$i]['customers_group_name'], 11, 11) . ' '; } else { $hide_info .= tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'pixel_trans.gif', '', 11, 11) . ' '; } } } return $hide_info; } // End of Separate Price Per Customer Alan :)
  14. Scott, When I drop in your file, includes/function/database.php, it breaks the store. I will do some testing, maybe comment out one function at a time. Alan
  15. Hello Scott @@greasemonkey I have OSC 2.3.4 BS EDGE up and running in development. I have completed installing SPPC (Separate Pricing Per Customer), thanks for your contributional upload. I also have installed SEO Header Tags Reloaded. For me it was easier to have two separate development stores of BS, one for SPPC and one for SEO-HTR. Then when both contributions were completed I migrated and merged SEO-HTR with the SPPC development site. However, not necessary, it did help me to have 2 development sites. Now for some observations and questions. First, I did not find /catalog/admin/specials.php in your contribution. In fact the last time it had been included in any contribution upload was back in 8 Mar 2011 by JohnAtYM. I never realized this, but now this answers why my specials in another development site did not work. Now specials work with SPPC. Second, I believe that the SPPC modification in /catalog/includes/funtions/database.php is only necessary for certain hosting server problems. When I installed this modification, it breaks my store. Without it, I seem to be ok. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. In the upload contribution just before yours,, this modification for database.php is left out. Third, it appears that in /catalog/product_info.php there maybe a coding error, but since I am not a coder, just a cut and paster, I can't say for sure. On line 65; you have </s> but I think it should be </del> I will continue my testing and again thanks greatly Scott. :thumbsup: Because SPPC is such an important contribution, being able to use it for my store renews my confidence in the future of OSC. It's that important. Also, thanks to the whole OSCommerce team and community. Alan :)