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  1. solarman

    ipn paypal gateway problem

    Perhaps Paypal isn't adding the shipping until later after the user has logged into the Paypal website? Have you done a test purchase?
  2. solarman

    Easy Populate and Image Mods

    I'm losing hair too... May I pleeeease have a copy? I'm running Ian's Loaded 6 also...
  3. Make sure you have the quantity set to something other than zero. If you didn't enter a quantity, it will set the product to inactive. From the admin section, look at the catalog to see if each item is inactive... greenred dots to the right of the listing. Red= inactive Green= active
  4. solarman

    PayPal IPN Subscription

    8) I think what would be a nice feature would be to include the option of utilizing the Paypal Subscription Manager as a way of gaining access into OSCommerce as a store for members only. I have several sites I could use that feature on right now. It is confusing for customers to subscribe and then to create an account again when inside the store, thinking they had already done so. Is this a workable idea?
  5. I just tested OpenOffice, and it works fine with large descriptions - I just tested 500 chars, and it comes in fine. It's totally Free, reads and writes Excel and Word docs without much trouble, and it's GPL'd, just like OSC, so you know it's good! It's cross platform (Linux/Windows/Mac), and multi-language as well. www.openoffice.org Check it out. OUTSTANDING! Tim, many thanks! The sunman will throw some sunshine your way!
  6. Here is some info I found at http://support.crystaldecisions.com/kbase/c2000454.asp ... Microsoft Excel 2000 -------------------------------------------- ? Worksheet size: 65,536 rows by 256 columns ? Column Width: 255 characters ? Length of cell contents (text): 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar. ? Maximum length of cell contents (text): 255 chacters ... I have Excel2000 (9.0.2720) and I am sure it is the culprit now. Some of the fields display just fine in the formula bar that are much longer than the one that gets cut off. I have no elaborate HTML in it other than <p> and an occasional break here and there. Some have simple paragraph. When I import into Excel, I can change the way it handles the fields. If I select "General" the fields get cut off in the description. If I select "text" it imports fine, except Excel then displays a row of ######### instead of the description. It does display fine in the formula bar. If I export this to the tab-delimited file, the descriptions are now ####### only and no text.. Arrrgghhhhh! Anyone know of a shareware spreadsheet that WORKS?
  7. I'm getting thre same thing here. Nothing added or changed, and thankfully, nothing deleted. It shook me up for a second there... I am having problems with Excel cutting off my descriptions on some of the records. Not sure why?