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  1. Hi Michelle,


    cID, i believe, refers to the currency ID from the mysql table. All i did was copy the link from the 'Update Currencies' button from within the OSC admin panel.




    Specifically, it was the last selected currency in Admin and so not required for the cron - nor the page. So just using:




    would be fine

  2. Do you know if they give you the option to do this offline, so to speak, and then upload a file in order to complete it?


    Yes, you can 'easily' design a suitable page and upload it to WP.


    However, the problem is trapping WP in the OS site. I guess this could be done if you can make:


    $checkout_form_action = 'https://select.worldpay.com/wcc/purchase';


    load into OS rather than top. Could use the wpcallback file as a template ...

  3. Hi again,


    I'm getting a strange error after the callback to my store:


    Your order total seems to be zero so sessions.php tries to add a new entry to the database (rather than update) but of course it finds an existing entry with the same key???





  4. Hello All,  

    Just hoping someone can help me get this straight in my head.  So if I have WorldPay I don't have to purchase an SSL certificate or use my host's shared SSL because Worldpay already provides that?  If my host provides shared SSL should I use it so that my customer's account information isn't somehow hijacked or is it sufficient for me to force cookies?  


    I would greatly appreciate a little clarification about this.


    Thanks  :)


    If you do not save or collect personal information, you do not NEED to have SSL although you may want to use it for appearance reasons. You could collect and save credit card details and pass them forward to payment gateways such as WorldPay using SSL to provide a more integrated service but I guess most small sites do not do that.


    Personally, I find it a real pain when stores give me back the last 6 digits of my credit card and say 'shall I use this?' - you still have to check your card and it is often an out of date card they quote back and I do not like the idea that they stored the numbers anyway.

  5. I sure wouldn't want to bet my business on unsupported, beta-quality software installed and maintained by beginners.


    Sounds lika a definition of Os Commerce to me :)


    Only last week, I (in my day job role) paid 6,000 USD to a company for a backup / restore feature that it not a shadow of the one provided free in OS (Company rules: must be professional software created by authorised developers).


    I think your mod is great, and providing the alternative zip is a fair compromise. However, 95% of OS users are probably using hosted servers so cannot run telnet. That reflects the real world as well I guess - so it all depends on what you want to do with the code.

    Posting to the wider community can throw up usability issues that as a developer, you would never have guessed.


    Like you, I often post contributions to see how they are received, get bug reports etc.


    I dont think it is wrong to target professional users only - and beginners cannot always expect to get everything on a plate. Making a contribution of any sort has the cost that you will get lots of feedback - some trivial and some useful and some assuming that you are a unpaid developer for their company.


    Thats life! I long ago ceased to be upset by any comments received - instead, I now just keep a 'maybe nice to have in the future' list of them.

  6. When I check the holding order history I sometimes see many entries for the same order.


    The WP mod is set to return to checkout_process to complete the order not held_orders_process.php.


    Maybe held_orders_process.php decrements the stock even when an order is cancelled or you double checkout?

  7. I was looking for the title 'world pay' in Payment Modules like the rest, paypal, Authorize.net


    The title for the worldpay is 'Secure credit card payment' so I did'nt realize it was worldpay till I clicked on it. Doh!


    Yeh - sorry about that, I use that title on my site and forgot to change it for the Upload!


    Now check your language files for a spare space or line at the end of the file past the last ?>

  8. Please dis-regard the above post -I am going stare crazy, I was reading paypal not worldpay.


    So worldpay still is'nt showing on the std version either!


    Then the most likely is that you have made an installation error - to show up in admin, all that is required is that you put the correct file in catalog/includes/modules/payment - Admin checks this directory to see what is there and then loads it.

  9. I use multi-currency but have not used this actual version of the mod in my bi-lingual store - however, that is not likely to be the reason as the updates I provided were to make it multi-lingual and anyway, Admin is much simpler than the catalog when it come to languages so you would get an error message about the language file being missing.


    I dont know about Chandras type mod - but it sounds unlikely to be the reason. Maybe you just needed to log out and in again?

  10. I tried your link and downloaded a fresh version and made sure the usual transfer in text mode and reloaded for the fourth time and got nothing in the admin payment modules. The admin screen is'nt seeing the file catalog/includes/modules/payment/worldpay.php. double checked and its in there.


    I am going to do ths on another server with a bog std version. see what happens!


    Do you see the other payment modules in Admin? You could try copying another payment module and calling it worldpay.php to see if it shows up as a duplicate entry in Admin.

  11. I am staring off with 4.0. - V1.0 contribution. got a sneaky suspicion that there's a file missing or it does'nt work oscommerce-2.2ms1


    Assuming that you downloaded this version:




    and you follow the installation instructions instructions, it will work!


    filenames.php is a recent addition to cvs so as advised above, just put the filename define in catalog/includes/application_top.php instead.


    There are only 4 files in the zip - if you place the correct file in catalog/includes/modules/payment it will show up in Admin.

  12. Posted the WP Currency Update module here:




    This mod allows you to use WP official currency rates.


    By the way, it also corrects a small error I made in the previous MS1 contribution so you might want to replace your catalog/includes/modules/payment/worldpay.php file with the one in this package.


    This is really only necessary if you use MD5 - the additional entries for the Currency Update will not cause you any grief (I hope) so you can simply replace your existing file even if you do not want to use the currency update part.

  13. I am running CVS 2.2 snapshot from 01/04/2003, I will do what it takes to get this working


    In that case, you should have no problem with the implementation - I will try to make it as general as possible. I am ahead of schedule with my other tasks so you may even get it tomorrow.


    nothing sexual though
    Would you prefer my swiss bank account number instead?