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  1. Rick@CSBN

    Force UPS Next Day Shipping

    Okay, I think I have a logical way to make this work, but I am going to need some programming help with the PHP since I am not even a half-assed PHP hacker. In the UPS module, either only get the quotes for air shipment or get all the quotes and discard the ground type quotes. This is probably going to be answered on which is easier - modifing the array that holds that info, or writing a new function. (I'm guessing modifing the array after the fact; but that is me) The UPS module has to do the above, if the cart is found to have an item that requires air shipping. I'm guessing that the way to do this is to add another column in products and have a query look through the cart to check for that column having a value of, basically, air ship only. The query sees that result, and says, hey, set this variable so the UPS module does this special thing. I'm assuming from the bit of playing around I did with the ups.php file, that if the array only contains air ship options, that is all that will be displayed; I won't have a radio button with no text to go with it. So, that being said, will somebody be able to help? Thanks, Rick
  2. Rick@CSBN

    Force UPS Next Day Shipping

    That should be possible - I'm interested in this myself. Rick