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  1. Hey, get rid of the second "RewriteEngine on" as it is already declared as being on in the first place, and you aren't turning it off anywhere. So you only need it once. Other than that, I dont know what is causing your problem. Sorry. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hey, You REALLY should just scrap that contrib and install the on-the-fly one that Chemo did. It works HEAPS better, and already has the code for articles. Get the contrib from here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,sitemap and from there install the latest one that I put there on the 13th July 2006. Regards, Chris
  3. Delete that contrib, and install the On The Fly one. That is MUCH easier and better. Cheers, Chris
  4. I didn't say that would fix your problem. But that option should NEVER be disabled. A read of the last couple of pages of this thread would have stated that. I dont know how to fix your other problem. Sorry.
  5. Firstly, DISABLE "Use Search Engine Safe URL's (still in development)". Regards, Chris
  6. This has been discussed a lot on here. You do not do any rewrites to remove the oscsid, as that needs to be there for the first click or two, and then should automatically be removed as it is then stored in a cookie. If it doesn't disappear, then there is something wrong with your website, or with your web browser not accepting cookies. There are solutions on the past couple of pages (applying some updates from the OSC Update releases). Cheers, Chris
  7. Which Google XML Sitemap are you using? Is SEO URL's now fully working without that other option on? Regards, Chris
  8. Just quickly - you should NOT enable "Use search engine safe URLs (still in development)". It should be set to disabled, as this has nothing to do with chemo's contrib, and will break your site. Cheers, Chris
  9. higgalls

    Recover Cart Sales

    Read the posts at the top of this page, or read many of the other posts in this thread. This question has been asked MANY times, and the answer is NO.
  10. higgalls

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hey, I was using this for quite a while, and I thought it was working well at bringing through sales, BUT... since it hasn't been working for me (i.e. hasn't been sending out emails anymore since turning on SMTP Authentication), I think I have found that this contrib doesnt actually do much for me anyway. I will explain... It hasn't been sending out emails for a few months now, but occasionally I would give it a try anyway. However, I just logged in to look at the report for Recover Cart Sales, and at the moment over the past 90 days, I still have a Recovered rate of 7.83%. The 5th of December was the last time that I ran the part to send out the emails (still didn't work successfully - no error messages). Then, if I simply narrow it down to the last 30 days I only get 2 recovered carts, but that is still a recovery rate of 6.45% for that period (and those 2 people were had original carts on the 6th of december - so they weren't in the email-out through RCS that I did). They simply came back to the site several days later and finalised their order without any contact from myself (and especially no contact from RCS). THEN, I go and do another send of all emails through RCS (Im guessing noone will receive them again), which I am guessing is meant to send out almost 300 emails to people with un-finished carts. Then the Recovered carts percentage drops massively, which is what is expected. However, my point is that whether you email the people or not (or whether the emails work or not), there is still a high rate of people coming back to finish their order. What does everyone else think? Has anyone actually been noticing REAL benefits other than what the report says? I would still like to get it back running again to do some more testing to see the real benefits of it (as I probably didn't pay close enough attention to it previously when it was working). So if anyone has any idea on how to fix my problem then it would be great also. Anyway, just my thoughts. Cheers, Chris
  11. higgalls

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Im using both cDynamic Meta Tags and Ultimate SEO URL's 2.1d without any problem. Im not using the 2.1d with the option for your own product names though. Regards, Chris
  12. higgalls

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    If you have only changed the languages file, then it should work fine without any problems. Cheers, Chris
  13. Hi, Did you try resetting the SEO URL Cache in admin? Could be that the old URL got stored in cache, and as such isn't being re-checked. Regards, Chris
  14. Hi, Does your server definately support .htaccess mod-rewrites? That is what my guess is to what your problem is (i.e. your mod rewrites are not working properly). Have you had a talk to your web host about the problem you are having? Regards, Chris
  15. Excellent - glad to hear that it worked :) Cheers, Chris