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  1. damo2576

    [Contribution] Must agree to Terms

    actually same thing happens in mozilla. it never seems to happen if force cookie = true
  2. damo2576

    [Contribution] Must agree to Terms

    Hi, Great contrib! Just have one issue.. I have a problem that seems to only occur in IE when force cookies = false. If you click the link to view the popup conditions, close using the link at the bottom then tick the box to say you agree, then hit continue it takes you back to the login page. Any ideas what this could be? It seems maybe the act of the pop up window is causing osd to forget the session? Seems to be fine in mozilla. Any help/ideas would be appreciated! Cheers Damo
  3. damo2576

    [Contribution] Protx Form Payment Module

    I'm testing the current version of the protx form contrib with ms2 If I hit cancel on the first page of the protx form it dumps me back to login page with with the url containing ....oscID= ie. no SID If I hit canel from the second page of the protx form it seems to work fine and directs me back to checkout_payment.php with the customer aborted message. i do notice that in the second case there is still no SID Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Damo
  4. Does anyone have this working with FORCE_COOKIES = TRUE? With MS2 AND the referrer url working? I don't think it will work in this case. Damo
  5. Hi All, I've narrowed down the problem I was having in the posts above - It seem the Alverman fix for referer url only works if force cookies is false. Anyone else got any experience with this? Thanks Damo
  6. To clarify my post above; I created a link to my OSC site from another domain. I follow that link to my OSC site then make a few clicks around the OSC site. Then in a separate window I go into the user tracking page. I can see an entry with the correct referrer but only one click and no session id. All the clicks I made appear as a separate entry with a session id. i'm a bit confused. Can anyone help? Thanks, Damo
  7. Another query, I've added the Alverman fix for referrer URL but it seems to show the URL the vistor entered the site on, not where he came from. Ie. if I create page on another domain with link to my OSC site in user tracking the originating url just comes up as my OSC index page? Am I missing something? Thanks, Damo
  8. Hi guys, Cheers for you HEADING_TITLE help! I've noticed something else - I get some users with out a sesion id showing in user tracking. It seems to be getting confused as the entries in view session dont make sense in terms of time. i.e they may start after they have finished. What could cause this? Does anyone know? Who could be accessing with out a session id? From the ip/host info it just looks like a normal user. FYI I have force cookies set to true. Thanks in advance, Damo
  9. Couple of questions: Why do some records in my user tracking come up with HEADING_TITLE? I presume I need to update something on the page its referring to? Also if I've addded new pages, how can I get these to be tracked - the new pages dont used application_top.php or footer.php - its a little media player pop up. Any ideas? Thanks, Damo
  10. I've just noticed that when I access the user tracking pages of my site it appends the session id to the end of the url. Is there any reason for this - my site uses cookies and normally the session id is not visible in the url. Any ideas? Thanks. Damo
  11. Thanks, thats kind of what i thought given the name of the file. Makes sense. Thanks,
  12. Hi, Just installed this contrib and works great! Very impressed! Just one quick question, what is the GeoIP.dat file used for? Apologies for asking, this is a big thread and have been through last 5 pages without seeing any mention. Thanks, Damo
  13. Yes it is, what exactly would you like access to? I can give you the password to the admin section if thats what you'd like? Appreciate the help. Damo
  14. Thanks for you ideas, I tried adding chemaidedirect to the tempdir but that doenst work, tempdir must be correct already as it will download to temp ok. Just not upload anything. I checked the server logs but theres nothing in there regarding this. I am perplexed.
  15. I dont have catalog in my definition of DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT ??? Do I?! Thanks for your help.