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  1. Hi there Sorry I wasn't very clear in my last post. The file I adjusted to enable the image upload for WYSIWYG contribution is: admin/htmlarea/popups/config.inc.php Hope this helps. Cheers Wiz
  2. You may find what we did to be useful. We simply replaced the following code: define("IMAGE_DIR", trim(DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT . DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES)); define("IMAGE_URL", trim(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES)); with: define("IMAGE_DIR", trim(DIR_FS_CATALOG . "graphics/")); define("IMAGE_URL", trim(DIR_WS_CATALOG . "graphics/")); Then we created a directory called "graphics" (without quotes) in the catalog directory and set permissions on this new directory to 777. Works sweet as. Thanks for the awesome contribution. Wiz