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  1. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with the login.php. Anytime I upload the PWA version, I get an error from my web server saying it can't find the /catalog/cookie_usage.php. This only happens if a customer would like to log in or complete an order. It seems to try to get to an outside path from which should be reading the following: Correct Path: /~xhiyldom/catalog/cookie_usage.php Incorrect Path: /catalog/cookie_usage.php Any idea's? Thanks!
  2. Hi, My problem is this, when a customer tries to checkout they will get an error saying that cookie_usage.php could not be found. What is going on is, it's trying to find the file in the wrong path: /catalog/cookie_usage.php Instead of the following: /~xhiyldom/catalog/cookie_usage.php The problem clears if I revert to the original "login.php". Any help would be appreciated.