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  1. redguy

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    It is great to see that someone has finally put together a module for Web Services. My Rep has been on my rear for months. I have been using the Fedex Automated labels mod for years. Is anyone else using this and has anyone heard of a web services version that will print labels. From what I can find all that is out there currency are shipping cost calculators. If this is too far off topic I am sorry but I figured this thread would be my best bet for finding others in a situation similar to myself. Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, Sounds like a great contribution. I just wanted to make sure it is going to be worth the headache of installing it on my store. On a 1-10 scale how effective is this? Can anyone tell me how much they think this has increased their organic rankings? Thanks!
  3. redguy

    Automated FedEx Labels

    I have seen this question come up a few times in this forum but I was unable to find a solution....When i create a shipment with multiple labels only tracking for one package is updated in the comments field. How do I get it to bring over all of the tracking numbers for a particular shipment? I have been using this for 2 years with very few issues. It is a great mod.
  4. redguy

    Automated FedEx Labels

    I had this problem also and called FedEx. Their customer rep told me the I had a bad internet connection and I was loosing connectivity but didn't know it. I told him that is funny why is the streaming music site music site I am listening to still streaming. That is amazing. So after no help from the super customer rep at FedEx I changed my timeout setting to 60 seconds if I remember right. I think it was set at 15 seconds. That fixed the problem.
  5. redguy

    problem with Fedex Modules

    My module seems to be working correctly except for a few zip codes. The on I recently found was 06902. It breaks my shipping estimator and returns no values. The debug code I get is. Data sent to Fedex for Rating: 0,"25"10,"267874964"498,"1050856"8,"CA"9,"92649"117,"US"17,"06902"16,""50,"US"75,"LBS"1116,"I"1401,"45.0"1529,"1"1415,"320.00"68,"USD"440,"Y"1273,"01"1333,"1"1529,"2"99,"" Data returned from Fedex for Rating: 0,"125"1376,"LBS"1377,"LBS"1092,"8"1133,"6"2399-1,"0"1273-1,"01"1274-1,"01"1090-1,"USD"1089-1,"01618"431-1,"N"1402-1,"45.0"1416-1,"170.10"1417-1,"27.06"1418-1,"45.93"1419-1,"151.23"1420-1,"0.00"1530-1,"170.10"1507-1,"35.10"1531-1,"0.00"1528-1,"205.20"1525-1,"53.97"1532-1,"0.00"194-1,"THU"195-1,"JFK"409-1,"03Jan08"1992-1,"28.92"2399-2,"0"1273-2,"01"1274-2,"03"1090-2,"USD"1089-2,"06112"431-2,"N"1402-2,"45.0"1416-2,"119.45"1417-2,"20.59"1418-2,"32.26"1419-2,"107.78"1420-2,"0.00"1530-2,"119.45"1507-2,"26.24"1531-2,"0.00"1528-2,"145.69"1525-2,"37.91"1532-2,"0.00"194-2,"FRI"195-2,"JFK"409-2,"04Jan08"1992-2,"20.31"2399-3,"0"1273-3,"01"1274-3,"05"1090-3,"USD"1089-3,"01415"431-3,"N"1402-3,"45.0"1416-3,"155.40"1417-3,"25.19"1418-3,"41.96"1419-3,"138.63"1420-3,"0.00"1530-3,"155.40"1507-3,"32.53"1531-3,"0.00"1528-3,"187.93"1525-3,"49.30"1532-3,"0.00"194-3,"THU"195-3,"JFK"409-3,"03Jan08"1992-3,"26.42"2399-4,"0"1273-4,"01"1274-4,"20"1090-4,"USD"1089-4,"07179"431-4,"N"1402-4,"45.0"1416-4,"97.25"1417-4,"17.76"1418-4,"26.26"1419-4,"88.75"1420-4,"0.00"1530-4,"97.25"1507-4,"22.35"1531-4,"0.00"1528-4,"119.60"1525-4,"30.85"1532-4,"0.00"194-4,"MON"195-4,"JFK"409-4,"07Jan08"1992-4,"16.53"2399-5,"0"1273-5,"01"1274-5,"90"1090-5,"USD"431-5,"N"1402-5,"45.0"1416-5,"33.45"1417-5,"5.11"1418-5,"4.68"1419-5,"33.88"1530-5,"33.45"1507-5,"5.36"1531-5,"0.00"1528-5,"38.81"1525-5,"4.93"3058-5,"4"1992-5,"0.00"2399-6,"0"1273-6,"01"1274-6,"92"1090-6,"USD"431-6,"N"1402-6,"45.0"1416-6,"33.45"1417-6,"5.23"1418-6,"9.37"1419-6,"29.31"1530-6,"33.45"1507-6,"5.73"1531-6,"0.00"1528-6,"39.18"1525-6,"9.87"3058-6,"4"1992-6,"3.35"99,"" If anyone can help I would be thankful.
  6. redguy

    USPS Labels not working

    Thanks for the update. I know the hidden postage is an option when using dazzle to ship priority mail. If I quote a customer based on Fedex ground rates shipping which is never below $6.00 but often can get the small product there just as fast if not faster using priority mail which as you pointed out is now $4.60. I would like to spare the trouble of explaining the $1.40 extra which will go to help offset fixed costs involved in shipping. Looks like dazzle would be best for me.
  7. redguy

    USPS Labels not working

    When the labels print with this contribution can you set it so that it does not show actual postage or can it be hidden? Last thing I need is to charge a customer $4.00 to ship and have shipping cost $2.35. I get enough emails from penny pinchers no need to incite more. Thanks I can't wait to get this contribution added to my store. --Josh
  8. redguy

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    Is any more development being done to integrate this into the orders page. I am currently using the fedEx labels contribution and it works great. It seems as though this should work in the same manner.
  9. redguy

    BAXGlobal Shipping Module

    Anyone else have any problems with bax recently timing out? My system recently stopped quoting Bax rates...
  10. redguy

    authorize.net won't display errors

    I am also having the same issue. If anyone out there knows where the thread with the solution is located please let me know. This error has cost me a good number of sales. Thanks, Josh
  11. redguy

    Automated FedEx Labels

    So has no one else had the issue with FedEx not working on away point addresses?
  12. redguy

    Automated FedEx Labels

    I recently noticed that some zip codes are giving my customers errors. The error reads " No Rates Returned, :" I called Fedex and they said that about 2 weeks ago they upgraded their system. The zip I was searching was 85331. Fedex said that that zip now returns an additional line that state it will require an additional day for delivery since is an away point. I am sure there are many more of these zips and many of you may be loosing sales but not be aware. The guy I talked to at Fedex said he could see that the rate was being returned along with that message. I am guessing that the additional data coming with it is breaking the mod. If anyone has run into this or better yet fixed it please let me know. --Josh
  13. Me again. For the time being I am downloading the feed to my desktop and fixing the price column. The problem I am not experiencing is that the bizrate feed is only pulling down 6 columns on the 15 Bizrate/shopzilla requires. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. I am getting an error with Bizrate. For some reason my products with 4 digits are adding a "," ($1,600). Any thoughts. Thanks for your help.