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  1. wils

    fast easy checkout

    Have anyone succesfully made this Fast Easy Checkout work with CRE 6.2, if so can you point me to a noob guide or where to get the files please.... Have tried all day to make it work, simply can't do so, followed the guide and some things just don't make sense, like: No files is included with that name "fec_shipping.php".....???? and "change the defenition" how and what to write.....? where to put the code "// tep_redirect(tep_href_link('create_accountx.php', '', 'SSL'));"....? Really hoping for some details of getting it to work with CRE 6.2, it would just make it so much easier and faster for costumers :)...
  2. wils

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I just installed this beautiful contribution. But i can't simply get the html e-mail to work. I have installed everything according to the Install.htm supplied, after several try, still no html e-mail sendt after completing a order on my shop. In Admin/E-Mail Options, i have set the "Send HTML or Text Invoices to Customers" to "true", and i have installed everything according to the install.htm. I hope that some one can help me getting this funktion to work. I also have a wary small "problem". In Denmark where i am from, we write the date like so: day/month/year. But i Admin invoice, the date is set to month/day/year. How can i "reverse" the month/day to day/month? Not least, and this i possible a stupid question, but i cant figure out how to change the background color in Admin/invoice. The background i just a bit darker than white (#FFFFFF), that does not look good when printing...anyone who can help me with this?
  3. Just installed this great! Contribution but there is a "little" thing there just seams not to work. I login to my admin panel selects "My Account" I press the "Edit" button, and enters my password, and nothing happens, I can not change the password or anything, the only thing happening is the side updates, and I can now select the "Back" button. Tried the contribution in the "CRE loaded" oscommerce (where allot of contributions is pre installed including this contribution), there I can se the fields that holds the name, e-mail, password ect. Should be editable, but that is not working on the installation I seasonally made on my old oscommerce store. Is there a way to correct that, my server runs with register globals off, and there fore I have installed the "register globals" contribution. I don't know if the problem should be fund there? I am pretty sure I have installed everything correct (used the included files and compare and merge software).
  4. wils

    Article Manager v1.0

    Just installed this great contribution, wary nice, there is though some small things I would like to add and correct, but do not know how to do just that, I hope some one here can help me: 1. I would like to insert a small image before the text, example an small image before "New Articles" (and of course the rest topics), just like I have on my information box. But the codes of the Article box is wary difference then what I am used to, and don't know how to insert an image in that code. Is there some one here there are willing to help with that? 2. A simple thing, how to put the New Articles, and All Articles link at the bottom of the box? or maybe just put an space between the ?Alle Articles? and the Tipics I have created. 3. in the Admin under Article Manager/Configuration. Everything is doubled, two of Display New Articles Link, Number of Days Display New Articles, and so on, maybe I have inserted the same code twice, but I do not think so. But where is it most likely this error is to be found?
  5. Just installed this great contribution. But I am having a problem with the size of the image upload box (guess the name is Image Manager), the box is too small, I can just see the ok button, but the rest in the bottom is not to bee seen, it is also to small in with. How/where to correct that?
  6. That was exactly the problem, works fine now. Thanks for this great contribution :).
  7. Just tried to install this great Contribution. But there are some things I just can't get to work. 1. I keep getting this error when I am trying the contributions, just when I have entered the name/address and so on, I click next, and this error comes: Fatal error: Session variable noaccount is not globally defined Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /customers/moob.dk/moob.dk/httpd.www/shop/includes/functions/sessions.php:303) in /customers/moob.dk/moob.dk/httpd.www/shop/includes/functions/general.php on line 29 I have installed Infobox Skin Manager. And had to modify the header.php just a bit. something I line 62, 63, 64 of the included header.php can that be the result of that? 2. In Order_Info.php, how to change so that it is not separated by several categories. I have maid that for create_account.php, so that there is only one category, and name, address, e-mail, phone and so one, is in the same table. How/what file to change that in Order_Info.php (can not find that in the file). 3. In login.php, the 3 boxes, is not cantered, and is not as big as they could be, tried to change size in login_pwa.php, but that resulted that text and buttons are not displayed. I use Center Shop, to centre my oscommerce shop, maybe that is the problem? 4. And last but not least, in the bottom of my store, there is an image which should be the same size as the rest of my shop. But the files I have edited, the image is filling the whole side, and not just the centre like the rest. Is there a way to correct that? Not that important, but just irritating :).
  8. wils

    Article Manager v1.0

    I have just installed the Contribution. But I get some kind of error with the infobox: 1146 - Table 'moob_dk.TABLE_AUTHORS' doesn't exist select authors_id, authors_name from TABLE_AUTHORS order by authors_name [TEP STOP] What have I done wrong or missed?
  9. I have read the readme, and no explanations other than Table 2 & 3 are flat rate shipping option. It will not work with multi prices, based on weigh in Table 2 & 3. It simply just select the heaviest = the last weigh/price that I have entered. I have tried this in Table 2: 0.25:15,0.50:25,1.0:35,1.1:0 (and with or without 0 in the beginning, and other variations) It simply selects the last 1.1:0 even if the product weighs less than 0.25.
  10. Hi, nice contributions, just looking for something like that. Just a little question. Is it possible to make Table 2 & 3 like Table 1? Where you can enter multiple shipping rates based on weight? If that is possible, would someone tell me how to do that (keep in mind that I am not the best to php programming :)).