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  1. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    https://2016.export.gov/europeanunion/marketresearch/sellingusproductsandservicesintheeu/index.asp https://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/news/2018/02/02/many-u-s-businesses-will-be-surprised-to-discover.html
  2. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    i just contacted maxmind with a request how they are prepared for GDPR (DSGVO in Germany). They are on it and plan to be ready in Q1 they say. And if i have any specific questions i can send my questions to their support.
  3. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    sure, but no oscommerce stores ;)
  4. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    maybe that is what we eu citizens should do. use the system and request data 24/7 until it becomes clear that it is stupid :)
  5. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    Yes they can and they already did. Take a look at the VAT Rules if you sell digital services or digital goods into EU. You would have to register with one EU Country for VAT Moss and report for every tax rate on every eu country how much vat you added while selling to a eu customer. Sure, what the EU can do regarding non EU business not doing as regulated by EU is limited.
  6. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    If you need some external services like Maxmind or Fraudlabs, what do you need to take care for external services in regards of GDPR?
  7. strange! i moved with my bootstrapped oscommerce to a new server (debian9, php7, mariadb) and mysql session timeout does not work again. even with the modifications from your addon. but only in admin. catalog user sessions timout as expected. any idea where to look?



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    2. Demitry


      In theory, it should work fine. I mean the only thing that admin panel session time entry is doing is being stored in the database table to be applied to the conditional statement in /admin/includes/functions/sessions.php to evaluate the time passed since the last page load.

      And, it's the exact same script for the catalog side.

      Let me know if you find out. I'm semi-technical and not that great with sessions. I'd be curious to know. Thanks.

    3. Stephan Gebbers

      Stephan Gebbers

      good to waste some time :/

      so, after forever trying to find whats wrong, i took a closer look into the application_top and login.php

      check that. 


      // try to automatically login with the HTTP Authentication values if it exists
            if (!tep_session_is_registered('auth_ignore')) {
              if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) && !empty($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) && isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']) && !empty($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'])) {
                $redirect_origin['auth_user'] = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'];
                $redirect_origin['auth_pw'] = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'];

      and login.php

              if (tep_session_is_registered('redirect_origin') && isset($redirect_origin['auth_user']) && !isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['username'])) {
                $username = tep_db_prepare_input($redirect_origin['auth_user']);
                $password = tep_db_prepare_input($redirect_origin['auth_pw']);
              } else {
                $username = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['username']);
                $password = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['password']);

      so, it is made by design not to expire when you use htaccess/htpassword function build in with administrators manager within oscommerce. you are getting logged in again and again until you press logoff or restart your browser where you would have to login by httpauth again.

      good to know :/ so now, without the build in htaccess/htpasswd function it works as expected. the session runs out and i have to relogin. 

      but one question lasts.. why did it not work as supposed to on my old server? :D

    4. Demitry


      yeah, that's good to know, ...I have not set up the htpassword protection on the new BS Edge development site for the admin login yet. So, I did not test that piece of it with the modified contribution, though I thought it should not make a difference.

      I'm not sure as to why it did not work on the other server. 

      I'll try and test it on my set-up at some point. Thank you for the follow-up.



  8. Slim Checkout for BS

    https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/pull/237 well, at least it would explain where the code is coming from. i try to keep up with all changes of 2.3.4BS as good as possible, but i dont use github directly but insert changes manually or with "beyond compare". maybe i did not realize that "closed" means its not going into the projects code. well, at least we found this error now. anyway, thanks again for the title fix @raiwa :)
  9. Slim Checkout for BS

    not modified, but i updatet it to the most recent version now (inlcuding hardcoded paths) ok, it seems the noscript ht module has been updated compared to my version of the module. i got the version from github to overwrite my version now. That seems to fix the problem finally :) it changed this line in the noscript module $oscTemplate->addContent('<noscript><div class="no-script"><div class="no-script-inner">' . MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_NOSCRIPT_TEXT . '</div></div></noscript>', 'navigation'); to $oscTemplate->addBlock('<noscript><div class="no-script"><div class="no-script-inner">' . tep_output_string(MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_NOSCRIPT_TEXT) . '</div></div></noscript>', $this->group);
  10. Slim Checkout for BS

    see attached image
  11. Slim Checkout for BS

    yes, your module was working always. i just saw that it seems to have influenced the noscript message ht module output. the index or product page sourcecode was different switching your module on and off. different by this one no script message line.
  12. Slim Checkout for BS

    @raiwa yep, those changes made it worse. i just moved the module up in sort order to be the first ht module. it looks better now. Regards, Stephan
  13. Slim Checkout for BS

    @raiwa thanks! Titles are back. i did a compare of product info page with and without your module. (the module should have no impact on this page) here is another line that disappears with your module enabled. <noscript><div class="no-script"><div class="no-script-inner"><p><strong>JavaScript scheint in ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein.</strong></p><p>Sie müssen JavaScript in Ihrem Browser aktivieren um den den vollen Funktionsumfang der Webseite nutzen zu können. <a href="http://www.enable-javascript.com/de/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hier klicken für Hilfe zur Aktivierung von JavaScript in ihrem Browser</a>.</div></div></noscript> Why has the module so much influence on every shop page, when it should be active on the selected pages only? checkout_shipping.php checkout_payment.php checkout_confirmation.php Regards, Stephan
  14. Slim Checkout for BS

    @raiwa the addon works but kills <title></title> when i activate the slim checkout addon all pages have an empty title. is it my shop only or can someone else reproduce this?
  15. Upgrading osCommerce 2.2 RC2a to PHP 5.6

    and if you want to go past 5.6 and are not on 5.6 already, you might want to go to 5.6 first. so i was very thankful for this thread, helping me to take that needed steps. to prepare for 5.6 and later. your warnings realy don't help anyone (found those in other threads already). i guess most people searching for update/ upgrade forum threads already know that they run into problems and therefor looking for upgrade paths and help to do so. So in my oppinion, what helps is to guide those people that are no pro coders and cannot afford to hire pro coders to somehow make the needed upgrades and basicly get more time to switch to a different shop vesion etc. Sure thats not the best way to go, but everyone might have their reasons. in my case i have to get more time to develop the new 2.3.4BS to do everything my old 2.2RC2a can do. So i have 2 linux dist upgrades in front of me, changes of php versions and switch to maria db. again, i was so glad to finally have found this thread, realy helping with the problems you have when you can't easily switch to a new shopversion. So, if a can contribute and tell the people in this forum how i managed to make necessary changes even if i am not a pro coder, i will continue to do so. i think that might help others who search the forum for help and not for things they already know (that they are behind the recent shop/software development). No offense meant! Stephan
  16. Upgrading osCommerce 2.2 RC2a to PHP 5.6

    Shell Script to convert files to UTF-8 (i ran this on my debian linux server / you need to be root i guess) # Convert PHP, HTML, HTM, TXT, CSS and JS Files to UTF-8 # -skip when US-ASCII is detected, as this is a subset of UTF-8 / ISO-8859-1 # -skip already UTF-8 files # -skip 0byte Files # -skip when detection returns an empty string only # SETTING --Start------------------------------------------------------ # standard charset if charset is detected as unknown-8bit # change this to your local charset (example: windows-1252 for Germany) sc1="windows-1252" # folder to convert folder="/var/www/vhosts/domain.com/" # SETTING --End-------------------------------------------------------- # clear screen clear # wait for Input of y to continue while true; do read -p "Convert content of $folder to UTF-8 (y/n)?" yn case $yn in [Yy]* ) echo "lets go!"; break;; [Nn]* ) exit;; * ) echo "Please answer yes or no.";; esac done # start a loop that goes thru all php file within the given folder find "$folder" -type f ! -size 0 -and \( -iname "*.php" -or -iname "*.html" -or -iname "*.htm" -or -iname "*.txt" -or -iname "*.css" -or -iname "*.js" \) | while r$ # get owner, group & permission from the file owner=`ls -l "$x" | awk '{ print $3 }'` group=`ls -l "$x" | awk '{ print $4 }'` octalpermission=$( stat --format=%a "$x" ) # detect charset cs="$(file -bi $x|awk -F "=" '{print $2}')" # change charset to utf-8 when us-ascii is detected if [ "$cs" = "us-ascii" ]; then cs="utf-8" fi # conversion starts here if charset is other then utf-8 if [ "$cs" != "utf-8" ] && [ "$cs" != "binary" ] && [ "$cs" != "" ]; then # change charset to $sc1 (see settings for standard charset on top) if [ "$cs" = "unknown-8bit" ]; then cs="$sc1" fi # convert the file using $cs charset detected echo "$cs converting $x" iconv -f "$cs" -t UTF-8 "$x" > "$x.utf8" # remove the original file and replace it with the converted file rm "$x" mv "$x.utf8" "$x" # apply original owner,group & permission to the file again chown $owner:$group "$x" chmod $octalpermission "$x" else echo "$cs -------skipped conversion of $x"; fi done - this is made for linux systems with you having root access - set the two parameter lines (sc1= and folder=) to your needs (original charset and folder) - the files will be processed recursive, so all files in subfolders within the given folder are processed - save / edit the script with nano texteditor for example - it is going to process php, html, htm, txt, css and js files (you can change that in line 32) - run it on a testfolder first to see if everything works as expected - backup everything before running on your shop files! - run like ./scriptname.sh or sudo ./scriptname.sh i hope this is useful for somebody :) Regards, Stephan convert2utf8.sh
  17. Upgrading osCommerce 2.2 RC2a to PHP 5.6

    wrong final_price (rounded) due to faulty locale setting I just switched my shop to utf-8 and.. well, i made a tricky mistake. I took the locale setting from my 2.3.4BS language file. The followup problem made me search quite a while until i realised that the locale setting in my language file was causing the problem. After switching to utf-8 i found my final_price was not calculated correctly anymore. in the orders_products table it looked like the last 4 digits where 0 always on final_price. all caused by a wrong locale setting. see below. this was causing the problems on 2.2RC2a @setlocale(LC_ALL, array('de_DE.UTF-8', 'de_DE.UTF8', 'deu_deu')); this was working just as expected again for 2.2RC2a @setlocale(LC_TIME, 'de_DE.UTF-8'); so, take care what you use as locale setting. it does matter quite alot ;) Hope this helps someone else. Stephan
  18. No, dedicated linux server with apache, mysql, php 5.4.45
  19. Same here, i had to learn early that the sessions don't run out. i am on my own server and using the same solution @Demitry mentioned earlier.
  20. Hi @raiwa

    just found a little bug (i guess) in your iOSC in the header.php

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/mobile_stylesheet.css?<?php echo time() ?>" />
    <!--Include JQM-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time() ?>" />

    should be 

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/mobile_stylesheet.css?time=<?php echo time(); ?>" />
    <!--Include JQM-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time(); ?>" />

    so, i have added missing =time und 2x ; behing time()

    another question would be:

    -what meaning does that time variable have?
    -is it needed somehow our could it be removed?


    1. raiwa


      Hello Stephan,

      Not sure, so long time, I believe it was something with the expire for the css stylesheet to be reloaded.

      You can remove it, not so important.

      Thank's, but iosc Mobile is discontinued and there will be no updates anymore.

      Consider to upgrade your store to 2.3.4BS responsive community version




    2. Stephan Gebbers

      Stephan Gebbers

      sure, i already work with 2.3.4BS for a while but still have to keep the old oscommerce running as long as i rebuild the old one with all its extras into the new 2.3.4BS. so, it should replace the old oscommerce shop asap :)


      PS: i removed the "time" thing from iOSC header.php now, seems to have no impact.

    3. raiwa
  21. Sofort 3.3.0

    Hey, Has somebody solved the Strict Standards problems with the Sofort Payment Module v3.3.0 (for older non utf-8 oscommerce versions) PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of sofort_su::confirmation() should be compatible with sofort::confirmation($confirmationMessage = '', $fields = '') in /var/www/path/path/httpdocs/includes/modules/payment/sofort_su.php on line 21, referer: https://www.sofort.com/ Regards, Stephan
  22. Sofort 3.3.0

    Ok, i have changed the line in /includes/modules/payment/sofort_su.php from function confirmation ($confirmationMessage = '') { to function confirmation($confirmationMessage='', $fields='') { to match the line in the parent class in /ext/modules/payment/sofort/sofort.php could that be it? that the function parameters have to match? it makes sense to me. i have an eye on my logs.
  23. Sofort 3.3.0

    The sofort_su part is in the payment module under /includes/modules/payment/ function confirmation ($confirmationMessage = '') { return parent::confirmation(SOFORT_SU_CHECKOUT_CONFIRMATION); } the sofort part is under /ext/modules/payment/sofort/ function confirmation($confirmationMessage='', $fields='') { global $ip, $isp, $cartID, $cart_pn_ID, $customer_id, $languages_id, $language, $order, $order_total_modules, $redirect; etc...[/code Regards, Stephan
  24. Login With PayPal

    wich ones exactly? just removed those on both sides, but it still asks for permission. maybe it takes a while after the changes have been made on paypal developer? Account InformationHide Account status (verified),Account type,Account creation date,Time zone,Locale,Language
  25. PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @frankl not sure if this helps in your case, i did this in my checkout_process.php (i guess you need to set the option in paypal to make a phone number mandatory and use paypal express checkout) after $payment_modules->after_process(); i got this $pm = strtolower($order->info['payment_method']); if ((strpos($pm, 'paypal') !== FALSE) && ($response_array['PAYMENTINFO_0_PAYMENTSTATUS'] == 'Completed') && ($response_array['PAYMENTINFO_0_ACK'] == 'Success')) { if (isset($appPayPalEcResult['PHONENUM'])) $paypal_phone = $appPayPalEcResult['PHONENUM']; // and write it to a database table here }