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  1. Hi @raiwa

    just found a little bug (i guess) in your iOSC in the header.php

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/mobile_stylesheet.css?<?php echo time() ?>" />
    <!--Include JQM-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time() ?>" />

    should be 

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/mobile_stylesheet.css?time=<?php echo time(); ?>" />
    <!--Include JQM-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time(); ?>" />

    so, i have added missing =time und 2x ; behing time()

    another question would be:

    -what meaning does that time variable have?
    -is it needed somehow our could it be removed?


    1. raiwa


      Hello Stephan,

      Not sure, so long time, I believe it was something with the expire for the css stylesheet to be reloaded.

      You can remove it, not so important.

      Thank's, but iosc Mobile is discontinued and there will be no updates anymore.

      Consider to upgrade your store to 2.3.4BS responsive community version




    2. Stephan Gebbers

      Stephan Gebbers

      sure, i already work with 2.3.4BS for a while but still have to keep the old oscommerce running as long as i rebuild the old one with all its extras into the new 2.3.4BS. so, it should replace the old oscommerce shop asap :)


      PS: i removed the "time" thing from iOSC header.php now, seems to have no impact.

    3. raiwa
  2. Ok, i have changed the line in /includes/modules/payment/sofort_su.php from function confirmation ($confirmationMessage = '') { to function confirmation($confirmationMessage='', $fields='') { to match the line in the parent class in /ext/modules/payment/sofort/sofort.php could that be it? that the function parameters have to match? it makes sense to me. i have an eye on my logs.
  3. The sofort_su part is in the payment module under /includes/modules/payment/ function confirmation ($confirmationMessage = '') { return parent::confirmation(SOFORT_SU_CHECKOUT_CONFIRMATION); } the sofort part is under /ext/modules/payment/sofort/ function confirmation($confirmationMessage='', $fields='') { global $ip, $isp, $cartID, $cart_pn_ID, $customer_id, $languages_id, $language, $order, $order_total_modules, $redirect; etc...[/code Regards, Stephan
  4. Hey, Has somebody solved the Strict Standards problems with the Sofort Payment Module v3.3.0 (for older non utf-8 oscommerce versions) PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of sofort_su::confirmation() should be compatible with sofort::confirmation($confirmationMessage = '', $fields = '') in /var/www/path/path/httpdocs/includes/modules/payment/sofort_su.php on line 21, referer: Regards, Stephan
  5. wich ones exactly? just removed those on both sides, but it still asks for permission. maybe it takes a while after the changes have been made on paypal developer? Account InformationHide Account status (verified),Account type,Account creation date,Time zone,Locale,Language
  6. @frankl not sure if this helps in your case, i did this in my checkout_process.php (i guess you need to set the option in paypal to make a phone number mandatory and use paypal express checkout) after $payment_modules->after_process(); i got this $pm = strtolower($order->info['payment_method']); if ((strpos($pm, 'paypal') !== FALSE) && ($response_array['PAYMENTINFO_0_PAYMENTSTATUS'] == 'Completed') && ($response_array['PAYMENTINFO_0_ACK'] == 'Success')) { if (isset($appPayPalEcResult['PHONENUM'])) $paypal_phone = $appPayPalEcResult['PHONENUM']; // and write it to a database table here }
  7. @Harald Ponce de Leon PayPal Express Checkout - The only choice PayPal Payment Module needed? if you have "set password" module and "login with paypal" activated, "paypal express checkout" from the paypal app can be the only choice paypal module for logged in customers going thrue the oscommerce checkout, as well as guests starting from the paypal express checkout button in the shopping cart, right? no need to have paypal payments standard activated as second option, right? "Login with PayPal" Problem. next, i have logged in with "login with paypal" from the paypal app and figured that the gender has not been set and the "street" has been filled with the "full name". in oscommerce customer details admin settings, all except gender is set to false (so no birthday, company, suburb, state). and where does the additional requested paypal "account information" go to? (response from the logs "postal_code=14480&locality=Potsdam&country=DE&street_address=Stephan+Gebbers") and will the birthday (etc) from paypal be stored only when the birthday is set to true in Oscommerce Customer Details settings? PayPal App In general i'm not sure if i understand how the paypal app is meant to work. Currently i only have "login with paypal" and "paypal express checkout" activated. But the data you get from a new customer account thru "paypal express checkout" is different compared the "login with paypal" right? Or is nothing from the "extra" data from login with paypal stored anywhere? I could find the extra data in the paypal app logs only. Regards, Stephan
  8. please check this @raiwa in /includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/includes/usu_general_functions.php right after $multi_language_valid = true; if ( ( false !== strpos( $page, '/' ) ) || ( substr( $page, -4, strlen( $page ) ) != '.php' ) ) { $multi_language_valid = false; } add this if ((false !== strpos( $page, "ext/modules" ) ) && ( substr( $page, -4, strlen( $page ) ) == '.php' )) $multi_language_valid = true; It is within the function osc_href_link, wich will be used by usu for non usu links (no page module for this pagename available for example) Page-Strings that contain a / or that dont end to .php will not be treated as multilanguage. So the new line should set the $multi_language_valid to true for .php files under ext/modules. let me know if that makes sense/works, or if i introduced other problems with this fix. it creates links for non usu pages that look like that Maybe you have further ideas how to make this more beatiful? :)
  9. it kinda works but still behaves a little strange. i call that module page and the language stays as it should with your changes (except it is authorise.php). but if i leave that page by clicking on the home link it switches back to german language. a global solution for all content modules under /ext/ would be nice, right!
  10. Hi, i'm using ultimate seo urls 5 pro with 2.3.4BS i have a content module to authorise the account by entering a code that has been sent to the account email before. The problem is, when i am coming from the shop in language english and enter this module page, it always changes back to default language german. The authorise module page is here /ext/modules/content/account/authorise.php Any idea how to fix this? btw: it seemsto be a problem for all content modules behind /ext/modules/conent/ ..etc
  11. found a solution thanks to the search enginges :) adding ob_end_clean(); right before the Output $pdf->Output($file_name, $mode, TRUE); solved the problem for me!
  12. i am using PDF Customer Invoice 1.6 for 2.3.4 EDGE with OsCommerce 2.3.4BS and would like to update the fpdf class from 1.6 to 1.8.1 has somebody been successful updating fpdf from 1.6 to 1.8.1 ? currently i get this error using fpdf 1.8.1 Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file' in /var/www/vhosts/shopname/httpdocs/includes/modules/fpdf/fpdf.php:271 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/shopname/httpdocs/includes/modules/fpdf/fpdf.php(1085): FPDF->Error('Some data has a...') #1 /var/www/vhosts/shopname/httpdocs/includes/modules/fpdf/fpdf.php(1013): FPDF->_checkoutput() #2 /var/www/vhosts/shopname/httpdocs/pdfinvoice.php(899): FPDF->Output('D', 'shopname_in...', true) #3 {main} thrown in /var/www/vhosts/shopname/httpdocs/includes/modules/fpdf/fpdf.php on line 271
  13. Hi, i'm not sure if i understand The Paypal Express Checkout right. Should PayPal Express Checkout ("In Context" without "instant update") started from the shopping cart, show an order total of products price + order_total module extra surcharge? Thats what i'd need. As of now, only the classic checkout flow using instant update shows the order total right (product + surcharge), but still confuses the tax calculation for the surcharge. Regards, Stephan
  14. i have not testet this on 2.2, but i am testing around with The PayPal App (containing PayPal Express Checkout) on 2.3.4BS and it does redirect to the checkout_confirmation.php at the end. So you might check if you are using the standalone old version or the recent PayPal App. i 'm not sure if this PayPal App is tricky to install on 2.2 but the documentation contains legacy chapters for older Oscommerce versions. Regards, Stephan
  15. Thanks for the great work! Any idea when there will be a new milestone release? i tried to keep up and to add all code changes that happend since the announcement of the Gold Release but i failed now. i'm no Github expert, so i basicly tried to stay updated using the github changes to the project and beyond compare 2. So i compared my files to the updated ones from github. i would like to start over with a new BS "milestone" release. Thatswhy the initial question. btw: is there a "right" or "recommended" way to stay updated on the code? The point is, i need to make some changes to the code myself but those are not part of the BS github repository Regards, Stephan