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  1. preg_replace to preg_replace_callback

    the way the original preg_replace was coded was to replace {{STORE_OWNER}} etc with defined constants (its all in a payment module). so, this works now. i hope this is usefull to someone someday. and please if you are asked if you can fix a small thing on an old car, dont try to sell a new car if you can just help with the problem. maybe i already have a new car, but still want to drive around a little longer with my old car as well. yes i know, the new car is the real deal! ;) thank you @JcMagpie for your feedback/help! $text = preg_replace_callback( "#\{\{((STORE_|OWNER_|EMAIL_)[A-Z0-9_]+)\}\}#", function ($matches) { return constant($matches[1]); }, $text ); another one that i have hopefully changed the right way in a helper function of this payment module is this one //$historyComments['seller'] = preg_replace('#\{\{([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\}\}#e', '$$1', $historyComments['seller']); $historyComments['seller'] = preg_replace_callback( '#\{\{([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\}\}#', function ($matches) { return ('$$matches[1]'); }, $historyComments['seller'] );
  2. preg_replace to preg_replace_callback

    it sounds like it is explained here realy nicely, but i still dont get how to transform those 2 lines. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15454220/replace-preg-replace-e-modifier-with-preg-replace-callback#15454454
  3. preg_replace to preg_replace_callback

    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '('
  4. since regex and stuff is a book of seven seals to me, i would need some help to bring those two lines to php7.0 it should be transformed into preg_replace_callback because of the e modifier, but i dont understand how this preg_replace_callback works. Can someone help and transform those lines for me? Thanks alot! $text = preg_replace("#\{\{((STORE_|OWNER_|EMAIL_)[A-Z0-9_]+)\}\}#e", '$1', $text); $email_subject = preg_replace("#\{\{((STORE_|OWNER_|EMAIL_)[A-Z0-9_]+)\}\}#e", '$1', $email_subject);
  5. 28d, 2018

    I already thought about that, if shopowners need to have some data download feature. Not sure if it is needed but better safe then sorry. Thanks alot! Feeling a bit better regarding the 25th already :)
  6. Upgrade, or change cart?

    btw: What can someone do, who can not code in php but is interessted in Oscommerce moving forward? If you want to be of use from a developer stance, you would need to run a seperate webserver etc and have been able to use github to at least test new code. but i think thats quite difficult for a non coder. So most people would only be able to help by buying modules/services and maybe be helpfull in the forum if possible. I am hanging around as much as possible on Oscommerce discord btw. trying to help if i can (people ask funny questions there.. ;) ) well, Oscommerce will be good for some years i guess. Look how long 2.2MS2 was running :) So, it's great to have that, now. i think it is up to us to build/share some modules around it (if you can), help people in the forums, help developers to make a living by buying their modules and services, to eventually attract more new users/shopowners and keep the flame alive. :)
  7. Upgrade, or change cart?

    @Antonio Garcia Imagine there would be a official marketplace where developers could offer professional modules.. and.. they would offer updated versions of their modules for updated versions of oscommerce. would you buy the updated versions of the needed modules to move from one oscommerce version to another? i would, but my problem is, that i have created alot of code myself and did not document that very well. Ok, with Oscommerce 2.2 you had no other chance as to change core code almost everytime you would use a contribution. But even if i did document the changes that have been made, it would still and is alot of work to get all functionality back when moving to for example. And thats what i have seen in 2.3.4BS, that for the first time, even for hobby developers, it is possible to do quite alot with modules without changing core code. But this took and takes time. To understand how 2.3.4BS is doing things. And now that i am finally almost finished acomplishing what i could do with my rusty old 2.2MS2 (updated to UTF8 etc), i have a slightly feeling that the BS Version is going to be abandoned as soon as it is finished. To me, since the BS Version started, that was the new Oscommerce to me. I have never looked into what is going on with a 2.4 or 3.0 as this was all in development and alpha state and i had no idea if it would ever come to life. So, years after 2.3.4BS started i am still working on keeping it up2date by just following the changes that are "merged" at github. At least i am trying to, since i have no idea how it is done the right way with github. What i do, and i know this is not the way to keep updated the easy way, is looking what has been changed and using Beyong Compare if necessary. Beside that i had to learn about php composer, to make it possible to use external libraries and to make things like phonenumber validating with libphonenumber and making verification calls using twilio, using a pdf library to offer downloadable pdf invoices or integrating the new maxmind api for fraud scoring into 2.3.4BS. Still need a system that checks other fraud stuff, like total order amount over ip/account/etc etc. All that i have in my old and rusty 2.2MS2. Made it possible there over the years with much "blood, sweat and tears". So when 2.3.4BS started i decided to jump on it with my little skills and try to bring what i have had with 2.2MS2 into 2.3.4BS. still not completly finished yet. In the meantime google is almost killing my old shop that is still running due to all the changes to their index and mobile first etc. So, even if i am not yet ready to jump over to 2.3.4BS i am extremely thankful that Garry and many others took it into their hands and created Oscommerce 2.3.4BS. i am an "old dog" and it is getting harder to learn new tricks ;) but what i know a little is Oscommerce and i decided to keep it that way. I like to be able to make changes to my shop myself. At least as far as possible. And i needed to make those changes, as most shopsystems did not have what i needed for my shop back then. I am sure, i would have been lost with many other shopsystems and would have not been able to make changes there like i do with Oscommerce. Over the years i learned a little php and oscommerce. that is what i can handle. I am thankful for any developer who is giving his time and effort to offer a better Oscommerce or new modules to the community. i am thankful for Garys xxdays of code and i wish there would be a Gary store (or a marketplace in general) with all his cool stuff, so more people would buy from him. I am thankful for every developer who helped make a responsive reality! And i am thankful that Harald made the old 2.2 and all following versions as well as the payment modules and stuff he created. So, the Question is. Why did you choose Oscommerce? Why do you still choose Oscommerce 2.3.4BS? And is Oscommerce still a shopsystem with a bright future where developers can make a living and customers/shopowners find what they need and can run a succesful shop?
  8. any chance that this module will get an update to be able to use minfraud score/insights/factors ?
  9. i'd prefer a finished and polished BS Version first (whatever you call the version exactly 2.3.4/ i have lost track) and long time "support" with addons, templates and services. Nobody needs an always almost finished, but never realy officially released Oscommerce. Customers need stability (as said, long time support), code that is as future proof as possible and sure, free addons are nice, but i would also pay for professional addons. i dont get it for example, why there is no shop here for all the good Gary Addons Stuff and i have to wait a year for the next xxdays of code always. Why is there no marketplace for developers who want to sell their addons?
  10. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    https://2016.export.gov/europeanunion/marketresearch/sellingusproductsandservicesintheeu/index.asp https://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/news/2018/02/02/many-u-s-businesses-will-be-surprised-to-discover.html
  11. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    i just contacted maxmind with a request how they are prepared for GDPR (DSGVO in Germany). They are on it and plan to be ready in Q1 they say. And if i have any specific questions i can send my questions to their support.
  12. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    sure, but no oscommerce stores ;)
  13. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    maybe that is what we eu citizens should do. use the system and request data 24/7 until it becomes clear that it is stupid :)
  14. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    Yes they can and they already did. Take a look at the VAT Rules if you sell digital services or digital goods into EU. You would have to register with one EU Country for VAT Moss and report for every tax rate on every eu country how much vat you added while selling to a eu customer. Sure, what the EU can do regarding non EU business not doing as regulated by EU is limited.
  15. Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    If you need some external services like Maxmind or Fraudlabs, what do you need to take care for external services in regards of GDPR?