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  1. Thanks for the great work! Any idea when there will be a new milestone release? i tried to keep up and to add all code changes that happend since the announcement of the Gold Release but i failed now. i'm no Github expert, so i basicly tried to stay updated using the github changes to the project and beyond compare 2. So i compared my files to the updated ones from github. i would like to start over with a new BS "milestone" release. Thatswhy the initial question. btw: is there a "right" or "recommended" way to stay updated on the code? The point is, i need to make some changes to the code myself but those are not part of the BS github repository Regards, Stephan
  2. in the "/mobile/header.php" the whole catalog got not indexed because of noindex and nofollow metatags via <?php if (strpos($PHP_SELF,'checkout') || strpos($PHP_SELF,'shopping_cart') || strpos($PHP_SELF,'account') || strpos($PHP_SELF,'log') ) { ?> <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex, nofollow"> <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> <?php } ?> i removed the part || strpos($PHP_SELF,'log') and hopefully get into the google index with my mobile pages now. was it intended to noindex and nofollow catalog_mb.php that way? Regards, Stephan
  3. Hi, is this the normal search engine behavior with mobile product and category pages submitted via sitemap? (the mobile pages dont get indexed by google) i am using a canonical link on mobile page and desktop page pointing to the desktop page, where the desktop page shows an alternate link to the mobile page also. mobile pages are in a /mobile/ subfolder (so no seperate mobile subdomain) and robots meta tag on mobile and desktop page is <meta name="robots" content="index,follow,noodp,noydir">
  4. How could the jquery form_check.js.php (the one in the mobile directory) be modified to check if the street field contains a streetnumber? Regards, Stephan
  5. Ok, i changed it back from transparent png to jpg again. i guess i need to change the background color of the new products- and also bought-boxes in iOSC to white or something closer to the white image-background. anyway, thanks for the contribution!
  6. i started to change products image from jpg to transparent png, but i am not happy with the image quality. especially aliasing on skewed borders/edges. Is there a way to get good quality png thumbnails incl. transparency? Example of png thumb Example of jpg thumb Regards, Stephan
  7. yep, i have added usu5 support and the mobile urls and redirects look good using the mobile site. i 've had the same problem with my files for google merchant center to create the mobile urls. i do it like that now. It's a workaround but it does the job. So i take the normal usu5 url via tep_href_link and replace the with and further use the replacement logic as seen in the redirect class. that creates correct mobile product urls for me now. // iOSC mobile products urls -- BOF $str_replace_from = array('/-p-/', '/-c-/', '/-m-/', '/-pr-/', '/-pri-/', '/-pi-/', '/-a-/', '/-au-/', '/-by-/', '/-f-/', '/-fc-/', '/-fri-/', '/-fra-/', '/-i-/', '/-links-/', '/-n-/', '/-nc-/', '/-nri-/', '/-nra-/', '/-pm-/', '/-po-/', '/-t-/'); $str_replace_to = array('-mp-', '-mc-', '-mm-', '-mpr-', '-mpri-', '-mpi-', '-ma-', '-mau-', '-mby-', '-mf-', '-mfc-', '-mfri-', '-mfra-', '-mi-', '-mlinks-', '-mn-', '-mnc-', '-mnri-', '-mnra-', '-mpm-', '-mpo-', '-mt-'); $produrl = tep_href_link( FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . (int)$row['products_id'], 'NONSSL', false ); $produrl_mobile = str_replace('','',$produrl); $produrl_mobile = preg_replace($str_replace_from, $str_replace_to, $produrl_mobile); // iOSC mobile products urls -- EOF same for the mobile categories urls // iOSC mobile category URLs -- BOF $str_replace_from = array('/-p-/', '/-c-/', '/-m-/', '/-pr-/', '/-pri-/', '/-pi-/', '/-a-/', '/-au-/', '/-by-/', '/-f-/', '/-fc-/', '/-fri-/', '/-fra-/', '/-i-/', '/-links-/', '/-n-/', '/-nc-/', '/-nri-/', '/-nra-/', '/-pm-/', '/-po-/', '/-t-/'); $str_replace_to = array('-mp-', '-mc-', '-mm-', '-mpr-', '-mpri-', '-mpi-', '-ma-', '-mau-', '-mby-', '-mf-', '-mfc-', '-mfri-', '-mfra-', '-mi-', '-mlinks-', '-mn-', '-mnc-', '-mnri-', '-mnra-', '-mpm-', '-mpo-', '-mt-'); $caturl = tep_href_link( FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'cPath=' . $detail['path'], 'NONSSL', false ); $caturl_mobile = str_replace('','',$caturl); $caturl_mobile = preg_replace($str_replace_from, $str_replace_to, $caturl_mobile); // iOSC mobile category URLs -- EOF i'm sure thats not how it's ment to be, but i have it working that way now. As i look at the code now, i guess i could have just added and in the replacement arrays :)
  8. i got the same problem now. have you been able to fix that? Regards, Stephan
  9. any idea why this happens? once logged in i get in the account module Undefined variable: customer_first_name in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxxx/httpdocs/includes/modules/content/navbar/templates/cm_nb_account.php on line 16
  10. I always thought that my smallest oscThumb Thumbnails could be a bit sharper. I figured out how to do that now. If you want to add a bit more sharpness to your thumbnails your can add $PHPTHUMB_DEFAULTS['fltr'] = array('usm|95'); to your /phpThumb/phpThumb.config.php where the amount can be 1-255 (80 is default if you don't add this line).
  11. Am i wrong or do i have to set <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> in the <head> area of my popup_image.php? I had Disallow: /popup_image.php in my robots.txt before to avoid indexing the image popups, but it seems this will make no sense anymore.
  12. Ok, thanks. Thats better now. Well, Yahoo is sending the search query parameter string with plain spaces. Regards, Stephan
  13. $remove_array = array('OVRAW', 'OVADGRPID', 'OVCAMPGID', 'OVKEY', 'OVMTC', 'OVKWID', 'OVADID', 'utm_content', 'utm_term', 'utm_source', 'utm_medium', 'utm_campaign', 'action', 'gclid', 'currency','language','main_page','page','sort','ref','affiliate_banner_id','max'); I have "Ultimate seo urls 5 r141 stable" installed Currently i'm using a workaround.. In html_output.php, right before the definition of $remove_array $request_uri = preg_replace("([^a-zA-Z0-9äöüÄÖÜ\/\-\.\=\?\&\_])", "", $request_uri); Regards, Stephan PS: have you tested the string "xbox live points kaufen" with actual spaces instead of %20 too?
  14. Can you help me with this? It seems when there are %20 (spaces) or similar within the links, as in OVRAW etc. hxxp:// this values will not be removed completely <link rel="canonical" href="" > Regards, Stephan
  15. i prefer security over nonstandard filenames :thumbsup: