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  1. I think that I have found what was causing this. First time when I set up the mainpage, I used a computer that has MS Word installed and I had used IE to set up the main page. The next time I was using another computer that does not have MS word installed (I use OpenOffice) Also, I was using Firefox browser. This combination does not let you see the editing features, but just shows you the actual HTML text. I don't know a way to make it work in Firefox, but a request for the original contributor. To avoid someone else getting confused as I did, please put some comment in the contribution saying it will not work in Firefox and OpenOffice. Better yet, make it work :) Thanks a lot for this excellent contribution. It is awesome.
  2. I installed this contribution and everything worked fine for the first time. However, when I wanted to edit the mainpage 2nd time, I don't see the buttons for editing (bold, underline etc) When I go to "Define Mainpage" I see the text with actual HTML tags in it, not the editor and the buttons. Did I miss something? How do I make the buttons reappear? Thanks in advance.
  3. CodeCutter


    Not sure if you want to try this. I read on the web that google and other search engines do not like URL's containing '?' This contribution may prevent your pages being indexed. Please verify. On my website, YASU is installed and it works fine. Only changes I made is to redirect the page to index.php instead of advanced_search.php See code below modified in rewrite.php } else { reset($list); //added 03/29/05 start change //tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH_RESULT, 'keywords=' . implode('+', $list))); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT)); //added 03/29/05 end change } My category names are like "Baby & Kids", "Food/Grocery" Can someone tell me what I need to fix to avoid getting %26 instead of '&', %20 instead of '/' in the URL? Thanks.
  4. CodeCutter

    Free shipping for certain products only

    I think I figured it how to offer free shipping. Go to Admin => Order Total module => Select amount for "Free Shipping For Orders Over" field. Now I have a question. Can I set up free shipping based on order value as above and also offer free shipping based on weight as set up in "Shipping" module? Has anyone tried it? Was it successful? Thanks.
  5. CodeCutter

    Free shipping for certain products only

    Can you tell me how you did this? Thanks.
  6. Is it possible to offer free shipping for certain products only? Can I do this by category, by subcategory, by product? I tried different setting in Admin section, but could not figure it out. Thanks, CodeCutter