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    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I am still having this issue and cannot figure out what the heck is going on. If someone could help me feel free to email me at the addy uncamoe at moewebdesign with the dot com. I have included a screen shot of what i get when I click on the print invoice button on the account_history_info.php page If any body has a helpful hint for me I would appreciate it. It does not appear that the other users that have had this issue have ever gotten any help or a resolution. Please if you know what I am missing dont hesitate to let me know thank you Stephen
  2. uncamoe

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi. i have the same problem as "jbirdink"...Also. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the contrib the latest version. I have tried the code that pop the top had uploaded and made sure all the files were in the correct dirs. I have uploaded them in both binary and ascii. I just cant seem to get the print invoice to work. The window comes up with the website "template" and some undefined links at the end of the breadcrumb but I cant figure out how to get this to work properly... The store is live but you can log in to my test account..... I have a test account. user is:tester@mail.com pass: tester find the store at help me out please My clients really want to launch...but not with this issue any help would be great thanks. Uncamoe :blink:
  3. uncamoe

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Is it possible that it is because I have the .net sdk involved with the c# debugger? Seems like a stupid question. But i have had a few people say that they get that error. Maybe only in IE?
  4. uncamoe

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I love this contrib, However I have used it on several stores and I constantly have a runtime error occur on every page load. On a fresh install nothing in the way of errors but after I add the files and install the STS i get the runtime error. It says syntax error line 1. Has anyone gotten this error after install and are there any suggestions on how to fix it? thanks using STS-3_00b2 on fresh stores, have 5 with this issue. every one I have used this contrib on. You can check and see here TraxDesigns :blink:
  5. :) Does anyone know how I could do this? this is a request from a client that is using this contribution.. Very pleased with it I might add. If any one has the knowledge they would like to share you can email me. Please, and thank you in advance Stephen@abilityonline.com
  6. thanks for the quick reply, here is line 13-14 function tep_db_connect($server = DB_SERVER, $username = DB_SERVER_USERNAME, $password = DB_SERVER_PASSWORD, $database = DB_DATABASE, $link = 'db_link') { global $$link; thanks again
  7. Please help, I have browsed through this thread and seen this error arise in a couple of situations... I f someone has fixed this error I sure could use a fix for it. I have a live shop and it has been up and running fine. I have added sevearal mod\contribs...one of which is this one. I have had no problems so far. it installed nicely and worked great. a couple of weeks ago. I am afraid the store owner was trying to modify his stores php files (but he does not have a clue). I now have that error and cannot for the life of me. locate an issue. I have read other places that this could be caused by a call to application top more than once in a php file, does any one agree? I cant seem to find anything that looks strange. Help please..... :( Stephen moewebdesign.com abilityonline.com
  8. My oh MY What a great contrib. Thanks to all of you that made the initiall package and all those who worked to get the fixes right. I do have an issue though that I have not seen in this thread. The contrib works great...no issues. Except that now when a user creates an account on there own (through the usual avenues not admin). The welcome email it sends out appears to have actually appended itself to the welcome email being generated with the Password in it from admin. I do not know why it has done this. The email below was generated after making an account through the store. But it started to double up like this when I installed this contribution. Any one having this issue or have a suggestion for me? Thanks Thanks for any hellp you can give
  9. uncamoe


    :thumbsup: Sounds like a great contrib. I have not used it yet but I do have a client who needs this type of functionality. Sorry if the questions I post here have been posted previously. Does this contrib alow for evey product purchased while in the affiliate referer session, or is it only good for the one product the banner is for? Is there a way to make the banner or text link start a referer session just in the "top" of the store in general (not a specific product)? Is there a limit on the amount of affiliates you are aloud to have? Thanks for your input. I would just like to know if this will do what we need it to before I invest time installing it. uncamoe
  10. uncamoe

    Authorize Net Direct Connect

    Thanks for the suggestions. I did have authorize.net set to Auth/Capture.. I think My problem is that the client was trying to send test orders through to soon one after the other. Since they are stored with a time stamp...maybe this caused the error. I am not having this issue now. The cards and the orders are going through fine for the users and I made no changes. I dont know..."But why fix it if it aint broken" Stephen
  11. I am getting errors with this module, Click it Here Here's what I discovered about the Authorize.Net module. I ran a charge through using the Authorize.Net option. When I hit the "Confirm Order" button, I got the following message at the top of the screen in a red box: There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again. But the odd thing I discovered this morning is that my order showed up at our Authorize.Net account just fine. It's in the Unsettled Transactions pending capture of funds. So the problem seems to be that the osCommerce module is telling customers that their charge has "an error processing your credit card" and that the order did not go through -- even though it did. So maybe the fix now is somewhere in the osCommerce code, rather than the Authorize.Net connection. **************************************************************** Does anyone have any ideas? This is a live shop and My clients and I would really like to get this working. Thanks in advance Stephen
  12. Does anyone know where the discussion thread is for this Contribution? I will gladly post my errors for help there, Searched having a hard time finding one. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know where the discussion thread is for this Contribution? I will gladly post my errors for help there, Searched having a hard time finding one. Thanks
  14. uncamoe

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Still looking for a way to make the products show up in colums of three across the page. With 1px wide colored spacers between each product. Any Ideas please. Site must go live this week. Help and Thanks
  15. Talon Thanks so much for the response. I actually fixed the problem. Had to do with a couple of other contributions I am using. Thanks though