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  1. By the way, I am using the snapshot dated 20030605 or June 6,2003. This should fall beyond the MS2 Release but not quite up to the 2.2 release dated 7/12. Again, I hope that this will help you see what might be the problem and what needs to be done to fix it.
  2. Okay, let me try to be more specific ... /includes/modules/order_details.php is as follows: and also in the same file: catalog/shopping_cart.php is as follows: The common thread is the attributes. I hope that this information is helpful.
  3. I am using the 5.04 version of GV. I made the necessary fixes that have been posted on the contribution page (bumping up to 5.05). I don't know the exact date of the snapshot I used, but it was after the 5/19/03 changes that made the 5.03 GV obsolete and before the mid-july time table given on the contribution page for the 5.04 release. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,282 What specific information do you need from me that will help fix this? I'll be happy to e-mail you files or do whatever it takes to get it resolved. Thanks again!
  4. Yes, as you suspected, it is happening when I add other products to the cart. In fact, the errors repeat no matter what item I add to the cart, even if there are other items already in it. I didn't have these errors prior to the install of the mod. I am using a post ms2 snapshot, but not quite 2.2.2.
  5. Hey, I hit a snag when running a test transaction with my gift certs. Here's the situation ... when adding a cert to my shopping cart, I get several errors (listed below) but it appears that the cert still gets placed in my shopping cart. All of these errors appear on the shopping_cart.php page at the time I add the cert into the cart. Other than these errors when adding the gift cert to the cart, it looks like I have no problems running the transaction. I do have one other question ... how do you keep shipping from being added to gift cert transactions if I am using the flat rate module? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. proton318

    DHTML Menu Help Please

    Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help!
  7. proton318

    DHTML Menu Help Please

    Okay everyone, I've found myself a partial fix. I was able to remove the HOME and SITE MAP buttons ... however, I have so far been unale to determine why it is adding two blank menu buttons before the real buttons. If you run your mouse over my "For Guys" button, you will see that a drop down list appears, but it also has two blank buttons above the category names. I'm vexed! Can anyone help shed some light on this? Again, here is a link to the site: www.kitkatmoore.com. Thanks again! :D
  8. Good day all, I just installed this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1238 I have two minor issues that I need some assistance on please. Issue 1) I'd like to remove the HOME and SITE MAP buttons from appearing by default, and 2) for some reason there are empty buttons between my parent categories that create a lot of negative space. This is a link to my site so you can see what I mean www.kitkatmoore.com. How can I get these to collapse and/or disappear? I believe that the answer to both these questions are in the code included below, but I could be wrong. That is why I included the contribution's link above (in case you need to see all the files). <?php error_reporting (E_NONE); include('includes/application_top.php'); function menu_build($parent_id) { $categories_query = tep_db_query("select cat.categories_id, categories_name from categories cat left join categories_description cat_desc ON cat_desc.categories_id = cat.categories_id where parent_id = '$parent_id' order by sort_order, categories_name"); $rows_count = tep_db_num_rows($categories_query); $i = 0; if ($rows_count > 0) { $delimeter = true; $first = true; while ($categories = tep_db_fetch_array($categories_query)) { if ($first) { if ($parent_id != 0) { print ",nt"; } $first = false; } print "t["" . $categories['categories_name'] . "", "default.php?cPath=" . $categories['categories_id'] . "&name=" .urlencode($categories['categories_name']) ."""; $i++; if (menu_build($categories['categories_id'])) { if ($i != $rows_count) { print "],n"; } else { print "]"; } } else { if ($i != $rows_count) { print "],nt"; } else { print "]nt"; } } } } else { $delimeter = false; } return $delimeter; } function menu_build_all() { print "var MENU_ITEMS =[n"; print " ["Home", "default.php"],n"; menu_build(0); print ",nt["Site Map", "allprods.php"]n"; print "];n"; } ?> <?php menu_build_all(); ?> Thanks in advance for the assistance!
  9. proton318

    Minor Graphical Issue

    I am attempting to use the following menu tabs contribution; however it leaves blank spaces at the end of the entire tabs row and also directly above the main menu tabs between the seperator bars. This seems like it would be an easy fix, but so far I can't find the answer. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a link to my page so you can visualize what I am talking about; http://www.grapefish.com/catalog/default.php Thanks! :P
  10. Does anyone have any updated information on when we might see versions 5.04 or 5.04A (A = for snapshots after 5/19/03)? Any news would be appreciated.
  11. It's all starting to make sense to me now. At first I couldn't imagine what would be so different in the V5.03 (5/18/03 and before) that could make the 5/19/03 and after snapshots not compatable. :oops: So then the 5.04A Mod for the releases after 5/19/03 will correct this problem on the Catalog side as well as the necessary Admin changes?? Ian, you are the greatest (as I should have known from this forum)!! :arrow: The Steve
  12. Ian (or anyone really), et. al. --- I came across something that I needed to ask about. I am waiting for the bug fixed 5.04A version of this Mod to come out because I am using the snapshot dated 20030605 ... but here's what I noticed when looking at the files. This may or may not be important, but I had to ask about it. In the V5.03 ZIP, ther are two files with (EDIT||MOVE) after them that have different names than my 20030605 snapshot. In the V5.03 they are: catalog/create_account_process.php catalog/includes/languages/english/create_account_process.php In my 20030605 osCommerce snaphot the nearest file names are: catalog/create_account.php catalog/includes/languages/english/create_account.php I'm guessing that these two files were originally the same and they may have been renamed for my 20030605 snapshot. If this is NOT the case, please tell me so I can upload the two create_account_process.php files unedited into the appropriate folders. If they ARE supposed to be the same files, then maybe the 5.04A releases of this Mod (for after the 5/18/03 snapshot) should account for the file name changes in osCommerce. Simply renaming the files to create_account.php will not fix the problem on my snapshot because it will break the logic in the code. Am I seeing this right?? :?
  13. What if I wait for the 5.04A for the admin section, then extract your updated [5.04A] catalog module code and manually add it to my exisitng ADC/AIM Module? Would that be a better way to do it since I am using the snapshot 20030605?? I'm just looking for a little guidance so I am avoid any rookie mistakes. :D Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the lightening fast response! I'll be anxiously awaiting the release of the 5.04A version! Looks like we will both be working through the weekend! :? One quick one though, are there still [potential] conflicts with the ADC/AIM Mod? Again, thank you for all your hard work! :D
  15. Okay ... long boring story short ... I am using a very recent snapshot (20030605), I am also using the ADC/AIM Direct Connect Mod and both are working together fantastic. It is very important for me to have (not need, but have) this Coupon/GV Mod integraed into my osC for various reasons. So in short ... since back a few pages in this thread, Ian said not to use this mod after snapshot 20030518 and since I am using the ADC/AIM Mod (which Ian also said had conflicts), should I even make an attempt to edit the php files or should I just wait for the 5.04 that is probably coming soon?? Is there faith that if I make the necessary edits and bug fixes to 5.03 that it will all work out fine?? I'm in a bit of a pinch for time with this. I have two "bosses" and their 18 employees all waiting to begin utilizing the new system. In the meantime they are all staring at me like this --> :evil: wondering what is taking me so long. I'm a little nervous about this so please be gentle with me. :wink: