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  1. I am tediously copying and pasting shipping data for each order to ups.com for creating shipments, sometimes up to 30 a day. This is taking too much of my time. Are there any contributions to import this data quicker? Does UPS accept comma dilemmeted files, etc. I have an old snapshot (Feb 2002), so I would probably have to modify things, but I need a place to start. Any suggestions? Thanks. Dan
  2. Does anyone remember a contrib last year for a minimum order amount before a sale could go through? I remember seeing this, but a lot of contributions have been cleaned out, and I am still running the older snapshot with the old checkout process. If anyone happens to have this contrib laying around, could someone let me know? Thanks in advance...
  3. tyler_durden

    Newsletter & Subscribers Module v 0.1

    could someone that has installed this let me know the address where I could take a peek at it before installing? I just want to see what this page looks like before I install/play around with it. Thanks in advance...
  4. Ok, I got everything working now. But i'm getting this error when I try to purge the data past the 24 hour period. Warning: Address is not in a.b.c.d form in /home/illuminous-times.com/httpdocs/admin/user_tracking.php on line 205 any clues?
  5. Well I changed it back for the moment, but it bites to learn it wasn't working by losing a sale. I should of tested it more. It looks like it was getting that message going to a SSL page. I have a test site to work on these now...
  6. Ross Help!! I get this error when I go to My Account page after adding those lines... Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/illuminous-times.com/httpdocs/includes/functions/user_tracking.php:62) in /home/illuminous-times.com/httpdocs/includes/functions/general.php on line 23 Damn, I think I just lost a sale from it...
  7. tyler_durden

    Sales Reports v.7

    I just installed this on my snapshot of June 11th (old checkout procedure), and it works perfect. The only thing it's not showing is the day of the week on the weekly reports. The date is there, but not Monday, Tuesday, etc. No biggie to me. thanks!!
  8. tyler_durden

    Sales Reports v.7

    any new info on using this on the older snapshots with the old checkout? I'd really like to use this...
  9. Thanks so much!! this rocks! It looks like it's working pretty good!
  10. Alright, sorry to be bugging you so much, but php is not my area of expertise, and am kind of lost with this. I can add the table for CAME_FROM, but i'm not sure what to do after that. Anyway you could maybe cut and paste the code you changed, and post it here. I'd be greatly appreciative of it...
  11. The real problem I was talking about here is not recording the URL (I understanhd many times it's blocked), but after an hour or so, the originating URL disappears. If I don't check the URL tracking for a few hours, I can miss the originating URL. Case in point. I woke up this morning and saw in an originating URL that some found my site through Lycos, with a certain search term. 2 hours later when I got to work and looked at that page again, that session is still in my admin tracking, BUT there is no originating URL anymore. Is there a way I can put this into the user_tracking table to have it stored so I can compare the originating url to user/purchase tracking?
  12. I'm just curious why the user contribution does not save the originating URL field. It seems that once the session expires, that field is blank when it originally had something in there when I checked earlier. This is one of my main criteria I need to track, and this contrib is a great way to find the customers that have purchased, and where they came from. Isn't the contrib getting this from my raw log files? Or is it being stored in the session, and disappearing when it expires?
  13. tyler_durden

    Linda's metatag contribution...

    Header Tags Controller v2.0 in "Other" Sorry i incorrectly named it...
  14. I'm using your metatag contribution, and it's great! But only 50 characters can be used in the tatle tag for each product. I know I can easily change that, but is there any reason why you did this? I know the title shouldn't be as long as the keywords, etc. but I would like to fit in 15 words or so, which I can't. Just looking for your thoughts, and thanks for the contribution!
  15. tyler_durden

    Credit Class GV v4.0

    I'm also interested in not charging shipping for gift vouchers. I was hoping to have this working for the holiday season now upon us, but I can't use this contrib if it charges shipping for something that will be e-mailed...