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  1. LoLoL and Daz, Thanx for the reply and help. I had to create the "thumbnail" folder. I thought it was automatically created, but I was wrong... :-" It's not showing the default OSC pictures, which is cool (I'm deleting them anyways). New products do show though!! :thumbsup: Thanx again guys!
  2. Hi guys, i've installed the contribution as explained in the readme file and everything seems fine, except that the images are not showing now. The url however shows "imagemagic.php" in it, but no image. If I turn Imagemagic OFF, the images work. Did I miss something while installing? I've checked the readme files again, but don't see anything wrong..... I'd appreciate any help. I've seen this work on other sites and think it's a super cool contribution. Thankx, Rusty
  3. Hi guys, I've installed the contribution as per readme file and everything is ok except when the imagemagic is ON my pictures are not showing...however, the imagemagic.php url is showing. When I turn of imagemagic, all pics show again.. Please help!! Take a look here: My Webpage
  4. webmaster2

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi I love this contribution and got it installed succesfully. However, I cant seem to find any threads or documentation on how to link to php pages, using text in the html template. Please help???? Check here: My Webpage