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  1. :) I actually had searched there ... remember what it's called?
  2. I searched for a contribution for show optional accessories on the product page.. Preferably in a box on either side? But I didn't find any? Has this not been done? Please somebody point me in the right direction...? Regards, Berkz
  3. Berkz

    problem with print receipt 1.1

    didn't work ... let's see http://oscommerce.sunsite.dk/contributions...eipt%20V1.1.zip
  4. Berkz

    problem with print receipt 1.1

    here is a link to the contribution: http://oscommerce.sunsite.dk/contributions/Print Receipt V1.1.zip
  5. I'm having trouble understanding the installation instructions... they say: INSTRUCTIONS: Copy the files to the directory and add the following to these files: In application_top.php (Catalog) define('FILENAME_ORDERS_PRINTABLE', 'printorder.php') In account_history_info.php: etc. etc. now looking at the zip file I see this : Catalog_install_neu.txt printorder.php <----- What should i do with this file? Catalog -> printorder.php includes -> languages -> German -> printorder.php images -> buttons -> button_printorder.gif Regards, Berkz
  6. Hi I'm using loaded 4 from www.phesis.co.uk And I'm having trouble with the 5 Admin selectable themes that follows that package. When I edit stylesheet.css in /theme/1/stylesheet.css I get no change in webpage. I tried switching themes and that worked fine. I also tried changing the /catalog/stylesheet.css but still no luck. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?