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  1. darbyweb

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Oh i never got that one. This isnt behind a password protected site is it ? - I know someone had problems with that. Are you getting to the secpay card entry section ? If you are, that would indicate the digest key is being accepted from the new secpay module Dean.
  2. darbyweb

    SECPay 2.2 error

    I think everything is now contained in this thread to get it working. This is my solution from last week. Standard OSC installation. 1. Go to secpay admin area and create a digest key - its in the passwords area. 1.UNINSTALL the secpay module from the OSC admin area. 2. Change the secpay.php file with the contents of the one posted above by go2pub. 3. INSTALL the new secpay module from the OSC admin area. 4. Add your merchant name and the digest key in the two boxes at the bottom. And it should all work - no need to create a callback page. If you have done all of these steps i'm sure it'll work. My big mistake was to change the php file without removing and adding it from the admin area of OSC. Regards Dean.
  3. darbyweb

    Adding hidden fields to secpay module

    Flushed with the success of getting the secpay module to work properly (thanks Marc J), i've decided i want to sort out a template for the card entry area on the Secpay site. I've looked at the secpay module and see the hidden fields :- tep_draw_hidden_field('trans_id', $trans_id) . Secpay paperwork details hidden fields such as these :- <input type=?hidden? name=?template? value=?http://www.secpay.com/users/abcdef01/mytemplate.html?> <input type=?hidden? name=?bgcolor? value=?hotpink?> Can someone show me how to make the secpay ones work in the php module without buggering it up. I can see how the name goes in, but not sure how to enter the value correctly. Thanks Dean.
  4. darbyweb

    SECPay 2.2 error

    IT WORKS !!!!! Brilliant - thanks Marc You hit the nail on the head when you suggested un-install the module... Like an idiot all i have been doing is changing secpay.php without doing remove/install from admin. Now working brilliant. Thanks Marc !! Dean.
  5. darbyweb

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Marc or anyone... Tried your solution and no joy :( Used go2pubs version and then inserted the code you used using phpAdmin etc. phpAdmin told me it was accepted, but still get digests dont match - possible fraud attempt. Using the secpay contribution that has a place to hardcode the digest key within the module i can get the digests to match but still get the card error on return to OSC. My version is 2.2 MS2 and every secpay version going :) Help please. I'm paying for a secpay account i cant use, and losing customers :o Dean.
  6. darbyweb

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Wow this is getting deep.... - for a total lemon like me anyway :'( I'll have a crack at it - better copy the whole of my shop first though :) Thanks Dean.
  7. darbyweb

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Marc Looks like you've been more successful than me then !! Were did you insert the code that got it working. I found where to hardcode the digest key within the secpay module but cant find anywhere to insert remote password. I have an active account with secpay - unused at present but this might just get me going. Hard coding the digest cured the digest dont match fraud thing, but still come back to OSC with CC error. Help appreciated. Thanks Dean.
  8. darbyweb

    Recognised SECPay error

    Hi Searched and couldnt find this error. Card are being processed, and Secpay are accepting etc., but get this error from OSC "Credit Card Error! There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again. " No order is created, but money has left credit card - 5 times on mine today :) The only setup i can see with the secpay module is merchant id which is correct and changing always suceed to production, both of which i have done. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Dean.