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  1. so ive solved one problem, savemode ist deaktivated know :P but the resize still does not work! i've also testet it on a fresh install ---> also no resize now it says only: "image 'test.jpg' was resized to x " the new file is 0 kb damn any ideas what to do now?
  2. yes, i set them both to 755 or 777 makes no big difference... my problem seems to be somewhere else :-/ i copied most files. some files i've modified by my self because other contrips
  3. btw. it makes no difference when i delete the netbpm directory.... upload without resize works perfectly. has anyone tips how to install netbpm correctly?
  4. Hi! I've got some problems... the contrib seems to work, but i have trouble with the image resize/upload. the upload works, but an error is displayed in the 'image Manager' window (full path of the error is shop/admin/htmlarea/popups/lister.php). Also the resize does not work. if i set it to 150x150 (for example) it will still be uploaded in standard resolution. ;) Here a shot (looks a bit crippled because the windows skin does not work proper :D ) Hope someone could help me to resolve this :)
  5. Bundy

    BTSv1.2 Support

    lucky bastard.... do you know allready how to change this? other question.... I have big problems to integrate this "Impressum" addon: http://www.oscommerce.at/download/agree_conditions_1.01.zip it does not work together with bts... can some try to find a solution for this?? ive tried but i've failed (my php skills are = 0 :unsure: ). pleeeeease help :o