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  1. The add-on/contribution is a bridge between oscommerce and their service.


    The add-on/contribution includes only files and code which is GNU and free.


    That if you chose to use the add-on/contribution together with their particular service you have to pay to do so does not mater.


    That falls in the same category as most payment modules, the add-ons/contributions files/code is GNU and free ... BUT if you want to use payment providers/gateways services you will have to pay fees.


    The files and code included in the add-on/contribution also represents value by themselves in that they can be modified and used for other purposes/services too.

  2. NO, the rules are the same for all...so if that add-on is in breach of the rules..report it and it will be removed.


    But i did have a quick look at it and it is following the rules.


    - Its released under GNU.

    - All files have full unencrypted code

    - The included files/code itself is free and can be used by "the downloader" as he/she sees fit.

  3. Do not just make forum posts/topics linking to your website, those will probably be deleted or at-least the links will be removed.


    You can post a contribution/add-on and you can then make a topic supporting that add-on.....


    A contribution/add-on itself have to be free and GNU , but it can be connected with paid/commercial services.

  4. This module rocks!

    I use every aspect of the module! thanks a lot!


    I am trying to adjust the URL when clicking on the category.

    Now when i click it says: http://domainname.com/alfa-romeo-c-1.html

    I want to change it into http://domainname.coml/alfa-romeo-tuning.html


    I tried it in the .htacces by adding this: RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9/-]+)-tuning.html$ index.php [NC,L,QSA]

    But that won't work.


    Does anyone know how you change it?


    Thanks in advance!


    Ultimate SEO Urls need the identifiers in the url..it will not work without them....


    If you want urls without identifiers then you need to use another mod.

  5. I see that people are talking about Ultimate SEO URL I'm not sure if this is what I need. I can find information about but I don't what the cost is and where to get it.

    I want search engines to find my store and website and get better placement will this module work for that.


    You can find Ultimate SEO Urls and much more in the add-ons section of this website. The add-ons are free.

  6. Most add-ons will require you to do manual code edits. You will need to download the "mentioned" files to your local pc via your hosting control-panel or a ftp program.


    Then you can proceed to edit the files using a text editor like for instance Crimson Editor, Notepad+ or similar


    Then you can re-upload the files again.


    If you are asked to do any DB changes then that can be done via PHPmyadmin which you should be able to access via your hosting control panel.

  7. Loginto your account at paypal.com and make sure you have enabled the "PayPal account optional" setting.


    If you want to "check" how it will look for your customers, delete your browser cookies before trying. PayPal sets a cookie to enable them to identify who already have an PayPal account and will show a different screen based on that.

  8. That module is very flexible, but you do not need to use all the possibilities it have. You can set it up not to have multiple zones and use as many different flat rates as you like.


    Or you can just make a new flat2 rate module based on the included flat rate module...then you can use flat for standard and flat2 for express.

  9. To get Level 4 PCI compliance is not that expensive. BUT you will still not be able to save cc information for later manual processing. You will on the other hand be able to let the customer input the cc date on your site which is then transmitted to a payment gateway in real time online. (Like Authorise.net, PayPal Pro, PayPal PayFlow and so on)