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  1. Good afternoon. I just installed v22d_11. I'm on a win/IIS hosting platform osCom 2.3.1. I downloaded this after reading in the history that this will support any server - but for windows, cName only. I followed installation instructions as per the html install page included in the dowload, but there is no metion of windows or IIS.... in fact, step #6 is for .htaccess, which is for Apache, so I've skippted this step for now... I went to my site, index.php loaded fine.... clicked on a product and got 404. Went to my site's admin, thinking I needed to set up something in regard to the cName thing, but mis-remembered temporarily and edited the cPath setting to 'true'. Re-tested my site and still 404, and thought maybe something with all the cache stuff, so went back to admin and edited a setting that did some type of cache re-set, but when I saved that, I now get "Seo URLS 1146 - Table 'wicker.cache' doesn't exist DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_name LIKE '%seo_urls%'

    And now I can't edit any SEO URLs settings - I click on the settings and there is no right-hand column to click "Edit" or anything. I've tried to search this forum for tips on IIS install, but what I guessed to use as search terms don't get a hit on anything. I'm sure that others have had IIS install related questions here, so I apologize if my inadequate search terms have not uncovered them to this point. Please help!!!! Any assistance or pointing to any docs on installing this with win/IIS will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    This one will not work on IIS, for IIS you can use Ultimate Seo Urls 5 PRO.

  2. @@oscandroid


    I don't think a 30 day trial should be allowed in the contribution area. If you have a full working version with LIMITED capabilities that could be updated to a Complete version would be ok. But, as I said if the contribution completely expires in 30 days, then NO, in my opinion it should not be allowed in the contribution area.


    I disagree, see my previous post above...


    Would you then remove all PayPal Pro modules, Authorize.net modules and so on simply because they are not free to use?

  3. The add-on/contribution is a bridge between oscommerce and their service.


    The add-on/contribution includes only files and code which is GNU and free.


    That if you chose to use the add-on/contribution together with their particular service you have to pay to do so does not mater.


    That falls in the same category as most payment modules, the add-ons/contributions files/code is GNU and free ... BUT if you want to use payment providers/gateways services you will have to pay fees.


    The files and code included in the add-on/contribution also represents value by themselves in that they can be modified and used for other purposes/services too.

  4. NO, the rules are the same for all...so if that add-on is in breach of the rules..report it and it will be removed.


    But i did have a quick look at it and it is following the rules.


    - Its released under GNU.

    - All files have full unencrypted code

    - The included files/code itself is free and can be used by "the downloader" as he/she sees fit.

  5. Do not just make forum posts/topics linking to your website, those will probably be deleted or at-least the links will be removed.


    You can post a contribution/add-on and you can then make a topic supporting that add-on.....


    A contribution/add-on itself have to be free and GNU , but it can be connected with paid/commercial services.

  6. This module rocks!

    I use every aspect of the module! thanks a lot!


    I am trying to adjust the URL when clicking on the category.

    Now when i click it says: http://domainname.com/alfa-romeo-c-1.html

    I want to change it into http://domainname.coml/alfa-romeo-tuning.html


    I tried it in the .htacces by adding this: RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9/-]+)-tuning.html$ index.php [NC,L,QSA]

    But that won't work.


    Does anyone know how you change it?


    Thanks in advance!


    Ultimate SEO Urls need the identifiers in the url..it will not work without them....


    If you want urls without identifiers then you need to use another mod.