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  1. I am so tired of searching and reading add-ons and what they do and dont... My eyes are so tired... Hoping for some rock solid help... I have this store setup for a client that sells heated clothing and accessories and I pretty much done except one little glitch... And from what I have been reading, this issue is not a new one. I just dont know or can't figure out the best way of tackling it and I am hoping for your help! He sells a jacket and the sizes are XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XLarge. How can I setup the individual stock/quantity amounts for each one? For right now I can only set the stock/quantity amount for the jacket but need to break it out to setup amounts for each size.


    Your help is so appreciated, you have no idea!!


    -Rick from Jersey



  2. You do not need to install anything to offer downloads its built in.


    Use the latest stable version, oscommerce v2.3.3


    1. In admin set-up your preferences under:


    Configuration >> Download




    Localization >> Order statuses


    2. Via FTP add any files you want to sell as downloads to the /downloads/ folder located in the same folder as your shop files at your hosting.


    3. Add the downloads to the appropriate product in admin under Catalog >> Product Attributes

  3. You do not use a paypal button


    - You add the wanted product into oscommerce, you add the ebook as a download attached to it.


    - You enable PayPal standard as the payment module or alternatively PayPal Express.


    When a customer buys the product at your oscommerce shop and then they are sent to Paypal to pay, upon completed payment they are sent back to your oscommerce website where the download is made available for them.

  4. For the front page you can add as many as you like, for the rest they are dynamically created based on the page content and there are no manual entry for those.


    If you wish to add in meta tags manually for other places on your site then you should look at the Header Tags SEO Add-On instead.

  5. You should change the login info for your admin immediately , before someone "hacks" your shop.


    This is the instructions from the CCGV Mod:


    Creating a Gift Voucher.


    Creating a gift voucher for a customer to buy is the same as creating a new product with the exception that the gift vouchers model number must start with the word GIFT in upper case. It can be GIFT_25 or GIFT25 or whatever you would like to use. as the suffix to the word. But MUST START with the word GIFT You can create gift vouchers in any denomination. Gift certificate images have been provide in the catalog\images directory in denominations of 25$, 50$ and 100$ values.


    You can also create gift vouchers by sending them to your customers via the admin->Vouchers/Coupons->Mail Gift Voucher selection within the admin. To use this to send a voucher to a customer use the drop down customer list. To send to a single customer or future customer you can put their email in the Email To: text box. Do not use both the customer dropdown list and the Email To: text box or the customer will get 2 gift vouchers. To determine what values the gift voucher is used on please see the doc on modules->order total->gift vouchers.


    Gift vouchers are a virtual product. In this regard, in many shops, they do not require shipping charges to be added to them. To avert the shipping charge on gift vouchers set the weight of the gift voucher to 0 when creating the product and enable downloads by setting true the value admin->configuration->downloads->enable download .

  6. Its in the instructions for CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher


    basically it is that you make a new category in the shop, called for instance: Gift Cards then you add a products to it. to make those products be a gift card you will need to give it a model number starting with GIFT. See the CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher for more detailed instructions.

  7. To get back to the reason for the thread 5.3 seems like a good minimum for new releases.


    This path is going to make thing complicated for the vast majority of OSC users to follow, but OK for anyone on 2.3.1 or later.


    "2.3.3 add-ons will not work for 2.3.4" is going to put a small glitch on the way and I am not sure that it will be of any benefit.


    The 2.2 sites are being left to fend for themselves and will be forced make their site 5.3 compatible or re-create their shop in a later version.


    There is no official OSC upgrade guide to upgrade to 5.3, just some useful threads and 1 contribution so at some stage there are going to be thousands if not hundreds of thousands shops that will need working on as hosts upgrade their servers to run newer versions of php.


    Might be better trying to ease their migration pain rather than put out 2.3.4.






    Simple solution..make an easy to use export/import tool for "migrating' important info (customers,orders,products,categories) from a 2.2 shop to a 2.3+ shop....


    This can even be made as an add-on, by a "concerned" guy like yourself........

  8. If they have used STS then they have probably also used one of the older 2.2 oscommerce versions. STS is not compatible with 2.3+


    You can try to look around in the support tread for STS there are some tips and tricks there.


    Your best bet though is to make a new site with a similar design using the newest stable version, currently 2.3.2