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  1. If you save the info and process it manually then you are taking a large risk for saving some pennies.


    Even if you are in a country (or state) where you currently are not required by law to follow the PCI regulations, you are still liable for sanctions and fines from your merchant account provider, Visa and Master Card.


    And if someone manages to sift payment information from you and it is shown that you have been lax in handling customer payment data, then this will impact your business reputation as-well as open your for civil suits from your customers.

  2. PayPal Express will work as a fast checkout for customer that already have a PayPal account. If a customer have a PayPal account they will then be able to simply loginto their PayPal account and then checkout without filling in more personal info. An account is still created for them in the shop but this is done "automatically" in the background.


    "Guest" checkout for 2.2 - Purchase Without Account


    "Guest checkout" for 2.3 - Consolidated Login with Guest Checkout for 2.3.1 v1.0

  3. So then you have to go through over 6,000 add ons, read through each one to figure it out?


    No, make yourself familiar with all the functions in standard oscommerce and then sit down and make an assessment of what other functionality you want/need.


    When you have determined what functionality you want/need you go to the add-ons section and look/search for add-ons there which will give you the wanted functionality.

  4. Hi, I also installed the PayPal Standard Website Payments module in my osc 2.3.1 shop.

    I got it all figured out so far, payments through sandbox are going okay, but I still have one issue:


    After completing payment the PayPal website doesn't return to my shop url automatically. The buyer has 2 options; return to the shop (needed for confirmation e-mails and close the order) or he can choose to go to his PayPal account. This last option will propably cause the order never to be completed (checkout_process.php / checkout_success.php will never be reached). And yes, I did setup a callback url (checkout_process.php) in my Paypal preferences... how to make sure the buyer will be redirected to the shop after payment?? (these tests are done in sandbox)


    If you use the "default" PayPal Standard Website Payments in 2.3.1 , the customer does not need to return back to your shop for the order to be updated. This is an "IPN" style module so the order status will be updated in the "background" anyway.