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  1. A rating/comments section for add-ons would be a much more realistic/usable solution. This is ofcourse not a perfect solution mind you but it could prove very helpful to see others comments/ratings on an add-on before trying it out in your own shop.

  2. You can of-course remove all other options than 'Paypal Express" as available options for checkout at your site... But mind you PayPal Express will still "silently" create an account for the customer at your shop.


    Another option would be to modify your shop to use "individual" pay now button for each and every individual product....

  3. I'm using OS Commerce installed on 1and1.com hosting service. They install it for me as part of their "click n build" features.


    I am trying to set up downloadable PDF files in the products of the catalog. However, I can't find where to put them. I do not see a catalog/download folders. I do see a folder with titled "download", but when I try to upload items to the folder it says that the parent folder is not writeable. I've tried to change it to writeable, but it won't


    How do I upload the files and where do I put them? The examples here are old, from 2006.


    If you shop is installed in the root / then there is where you will find the downlods folder.


    If your shop is installed in catalog/ then you will find it within the catalog folder..


    If your is installed in shop/ then you will find the it within the shop folder...


    and so on....

  4. Well, it would seem I have the opposite problem. I can't stop my download link from being live. People can go through the buying process and then be given the download link before I can confirm payment. Any ideas anyone.


    Depends on which oscommerce version you are using, if 2.3+ you can set which order statuses downloads should be available/not available for.


    If you have an older oscommerce version then you can install an add-on like the Super Download Store, which will let you "restrict" downloads access and more.