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  1. If that is what you want then you dont really need multi-shop system, you can just as well have several different shops.


    But if you still want to use the multi-shop system you can simply make the same product for each of the shops, then stock will be subtracted from just that store product. (ie. if you have 4 multi-stores you add the product 4 times and assign 1 of these "copies" to each of the shops)


    Or you can custom code up a new stock system.....

  2. Contact the bank where you have your merchant account and ask about a compatible Payment gateway. Then find a payment module for that payment gateway in the add-ons section , download it and then follow the instructions inside install it at your website.

  3. seems to be working this is your meta info from the front page:




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    <meta name="description" content="mayorista y venta privada de sillas mesas sofas taburetes tableros para interior y exterior de alta calidad y muy economico. Compra su silla, mesa, sofa ,taburete tablero para hosteleria barato" />


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