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  1. You can not edit/remove add-ons, you can only add in new packages. The old entries and files remain available for download as an archive for those who wish to checkout old versions.


    If there are major changes you might instead want to add it as a separate new add-on.


    If you have other needs and can not get hold of the site webmaster, you might try contacting one of the moderators and ask about information/assistance.

  2. A final version of V2 should be released, responsive with bootstrap and then that should mark the end of life for v2. (possibly with some running bug fixes and php/MySQL compatibility patches)


    Then all resources should rather be focused on a brand new V3, using a modern modular codebase and structure. (should ofcourse also among other have a template system)

  3. Opencart 2+ has an interesting system in place for core modification, its called ocmod. (and/or and extension called vqmod)


    In short what it does is make a copy of the core files where modifications are done according to an xml instruction file, then the copy file will be used instead of the core file.


    This makes adding extensions and updating the core fast and easy.


    Its not perfect, has restrictions and conflicts do happen, but its still an interesting way of doing things and might give some food for thought.

  4. My suggestion would be to make an official V 2.3.5 , where the only major change from 2.3.4 is that jquey ui is replaced by Bootstrap 3 to make it mobile responsive. 


    This would give oscommerce responsive design in the current official stable version right now and then the development of the new 2.4 could proceed at its own pace.

  5. Perhaps I am just being dense, but I can understand why the BS version isn't yet "released into the wild". I'm not very active on any forums (mostly coming here when I have a specific problem I can't suss out myself). But, I am convinced that osC Responsive (I *like* that name) is going to happen. For me, I currently have it only in a test status (using the Gold edition) mainly because of one (to me) major issue - the shipping - in particular, the USPS shipping module. The one that is 'standard' with the core osC doesn't work. an unfortunately, I have not been successful in getting the add-on USPS Methods to work with the osC Responsive. 


    I think that @@burt is doing a great job with the development on the responsive codebase. I for one am looking forward to its official release. Until that time, I will keep checking in and trying new ideas to get the shipping module to work so that I can move forward to getting my store updated (official store is using 2.3.4) to the responsive codebase.


    have a look at the sponsor shipping page for a possible USPS solution: http://www.oscommerce.com/Services&shipping

  6. Changing the folder where thumbnails are stores is an easy task, its just to change 1 define in the instructions.



    'thumbs_dir_path' => DIR_WS_MODULES . 'kiss_image_thumbnailer/thumbs/',


    Change to for instance



    'thumbs_dir_path' => DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'thumbs/',




    and then just create a folder named /thumbs/ within the /images/ directory.



    For those who don't want to make a new folder...they could instead change it to:


    'thumbs_dir_path' => DIR_WS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC,



    or alternatively



    'thumbs_dir_path' => DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'work/',

  7. This exists already.  You can make order_status's public or not.  Have an order_status of "admin note" or such and make it not public.


    I was more thinking about a checkbox along the lines of the "Notify Customer" and "Append Comments" , which would be independent of whatever status you set the order too.


    Exactly, and it is a good thing for the people who Code add-ons for their living.



    My point is that a lot of the users (shop owners) of oscommerce are used to free add-ons and support, and they expect that to continue with the added benefit of easy installs.


    For those such a new system would come with a rude awakening to the hash realities of the business world.

  9. When a system is put in place for "automatic" installation and any new add-on has to follow a certain coding standard, this will be a big plus for a shop owner.


    BUT this will also mean that it will be kinda like Magneto, Opencart and Presta Shop, where in the end close to all useful add-ons will be commercial ones and most of the free ones will not be updated or just "lite" versions.