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  1. Its not free, merchants pay a yearly fee starting at 275 AUD. When they say "free" they mean free as in no transaction fees. The merchant just pay the yearly fee and thats it.
  2. toyicebear

    Looking for a Stock light add on

    You can have a look at these: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2507 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/968 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1461
  3. toyicebear

    Looking for a Stock light add on

    the one i have seen is for 2.2 , but this part of 2.3 and 2.3 is very like so you should easily be able to adapt it for a 2.3 store.
  4. toyicebear

    Looking for a Stock light add on

    i have not seen any that does exactly what you want, there are a few "stock indicator" add-ons but they are all based on the qty available in the online shop. You could possibly modify one of those to suit your needs.
  5. toyicebear

    Quantity Price Breaks

    That usually mean that you have forgotten to add the define for TABLE_PRODUCTS_PRICE_BREAK into includes/database_tables.php
  6. toyicebear

    Purchase Without Account

    Plenty of PWA alternatives to choose from at the linked page, for instance: one page guest checkout, Ajax one page guest checkout and Consolidated Login with Guest Checkout for 2.3.1 v1.0
  7. toyicebear

    Purchase Without Account

    You can find some other add-ons for guest checkouts here>> If you wish to hire someone to help you, you can post a request at Commercial Support Enquiries
  8. toyicebear

    Paypal as only method of payment

    You can of-course remove all other options than 'Paypal Express" as available options for checkout at your site... But mind you PayPal Express will still "silently" create an account for the customer at your shop. Another option would be to modify your shop to use "individual" pay now button for each and every individual product....
  9. toyicebear

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    If you shop is installed in the root / then there is where you will find the downlods folder. If your shop is installed in catalog/ then you will find it within the catalog folder.. If your is installed in shop/ then you will find the it within the shop folder... and so on....
  10. toyicebear

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Depends on which oscommerce version you are using, if 2.3+ you can set which order statuses downloads should be available/not available for. If you have an older oscommerce version then you can install an add-on like the Super Download Store, which will let you "restrict" downloads access and more.
  11. toyicebear

    After language install-problem

    You have used a old or incomplete language pack. Add in the missing files from the default english language pack and then translate them.
  12. toyicebear

    Multi shipping locations

    You click on the "History" tab and then you look through the available downloads till you find the full version.
  13. toyicebear

    Multi shipping locations

    Multi Vendor Shipping You would need to "update" it abit for 2.3.1 though.
  14. toyicebear

    propose for a permanent post on top of this subfroum

    In most cases PayPal Standard is the best choice.
  15. To check queries/errors: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7705 Optimization: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/119077-a-store-speed-optimization-in-progress/
  16. toyicebear

    changing colors in webshop

    Click on Basics for V2.3+ Design in my signature
  17. toyicebear

    prepaid module needed

    there is also some POA add-ons.
  18. toyicebear

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta Tags help

    Actually there seem to be something wrong with the language switching functions at your site. Go to your google listing and click on the link named "Cached"
  19. toyicebear

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta Tags help

    If that is the case, then its simply a mater of waiting until the next time google indexes your site.
  20. toyicebear

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta Tags help

    Make sure you have this file: includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/kissmt.php If not you should be able to find a copy of it under: includes/languages/english/kissmt.php
  21. toyicebear

    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    No its a standard function of oscommerce. It shows as soon as you add extra images in admin under add/edit products
  22. The mentioned add-on is easy to adapt to v2.3, simply follow the manual code change instructions. (Do not try to use pre-modded 2.2 files from any add-on in a 2.3 shop) Because they are too resource intensive and will not load properly/very slowly.
  23. @@sparkylabs This is an easy to install and use mod for price breaks: Simple Price break Besides that you sound like someone who should rather look at Oscmax or Zencart. Oscommerce is as of today close to the only open source cart with a massive selection of FREE add-ons as-well as a cart which can easily be run on shared hosting. BUT it does require its users to take the time to learn some basic php and html programming to add extra functionality. By the way oscommerce is still one of the more widely used cart softwares, but you might not always see its an oscommerce shop at first glance since for most successful shops they have made their own modified version which looks nothing like the default version. There are plenty of other Open Source shopping cart software out there, many more advanced and with much more modern code than the Oscommerce 2 series. (But if you are concerned about having to pay for programming/modifications your can not do yourself then you will probably "cry" after trying one of those.) - Some will only run ok on dedicated servers, ie. you will have to spend 150 USD and up a month for the hosting alone. - Close to all add-ons/extensions cost money - Due to more complex code, most are not DIY friendly at all so you will be at the mercy of commercial programmers for any extra mod/functionality you want. This is why many sticks with Oscommerce, Its very DIY friendly and you if have the aptitude and patience to learn abit coding you can modify it to your particular business needs. The new Oscommerce 3 version might be a "game-changer" when its released though, since it will be very modern, have a template system and have a modular build where a wide range of add-ons can be installed with a click in admin. But then again my guess is that most add-ons released for v3 will be commercial ones like it seems to be with most newer carts system today. I think Oscommerce v2 is fine as a bare boned starter package and should be keep lean and mean to be able to run on most shared hosting and keep its current flexibility to be modified in any wanted direction. But that said the following functions could still be added to the base package to make it a little bit more "newbie" friendly - Admin control for selection of jquery ui theme. - Admin add/edit info pages - Modular front page - Automatic thumbnails - HTML WYSIWYG editor I do think that adding user rating to the add-ons section would be a big plus though. The rating should be for each individual uploaded version of the add-on.