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    Product Attributes

    Custom Computer Creator
  2. toyicebear

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    Meta Tag Controller Support does it all automatically based on 1 file, meta-tags.php No manual insertion of meta info is done by you. Very easy install..... cDynamic Meta Tags - creates the metas automatically , but you can do some adjustments and add some of the metas manually in the language file. Easy install and lets you cache the meta info to improve the site speed Header Tags Controller - this one lets you input all the metas in your shops admin on a pr. product and category basis. Does require some install time and effort. Custom META Tags per Item another alternative for manuall insertion of metatags..... Have not tried it yet, so i could not give an estimate of the complexsity level of the install
  3. toyicebear

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    It does not have a language file..it generates all metas automatically without any edits needed... if you want to have more manual controll, use Header Tags or c-dynamic metas instead
  4. toyicebear


    This is what you do... 1. Uninstall the sid killer contrib 2. Go to your shops admin under configuration >> sessions and set Force Cookies to True What will this do? 1. You do not get sides in your urls 2. If someone who do have cookies set to off in their browser tries to shop , they will be redirected to a friendly "Please Allow Cookies to shop" information page.... B) Or..You will have to modify your sid killer to work that way..
  5. toyicebear

    Looking for Contribution

    search for cool menu and/or dhtml in the contribution section
  6. toyicebear

    Spider Simulator for Ultimate SEO Contrib

    Do a google search and you will find plenty to choose from....
  7. toyicebear

    Attribute tool which is easier on the user

    This one might help you get started: Improve Product Attributes/Item Editor Or this one, which is kinda turns the logic you described around, but this metode might have some merrit too: Products attibute ehancement
  8. toyicebear

    Paypal Business Account (UK)

    Well there is one more difference, this is in regards the standard/ipn version and not wpp, The US version gives the customer a clearer pay with credit card option on the payment page..while the other countries just get a small button and some text in the middle of the payment page.
  9. toyicebear


    This is the upgrade instructions in the 1.60 zip from the oscomerce site. This is not 100% correct, this you can actually check against your own file included in the same zip , in the "clean-install" folder. If you follow these instructions to trhe letter..you will get the following: This will throw out an error when trying to access orders.php in admin.... WHY.... This function is now called twice... Once within your moded code and once after.... And as you can see this does not match the code in your included pre-moded orders.php file eighter. So again....The update instructions should actually read...... Cheers.... :D
  10. Hi, Ultimate seo urls does give this behaviour when encountering non-standard characters. You should check your db (using phpmyadmin) and see if the ep upload has added any extra characters as separators in the product names.
  11. toyicebear


    Check that the relevant section of your order.php looks like this:
  12. toyicebear


    There is a small omission error in the upgrade instructions which causes this error..... It tells you to paste the POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.60 addition after: But you also have to delete these next lines first, before pasting in the POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.60 additions.
  13. From what you describe i would think one of these 2 is the right one for you. 1. New faster checkout 1.1 Easy install, just drop in and overwrite a few files, this one keeps the system as it is, but removes 2 steps from the checkout process. or.. 2. .More Logical Checkout v1.0 Fairly easy install, this one also removes 2 steps from the checkout process.
  14. toyicebear

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Short breakdown of the install instructions, before posting a question make sure you have followed the points mentioned below: 1. Download the version you want to use, unzip it and read the instructions included. 2. Inside the zip , there is a folder named catalog , copy all the content of this folder and upload it to your web hotel/server using your favorite ftp program. If you have your shop in the root , then upload the files and folders to root. If you have your shop in /catalog/ , then upload all the files and folders into the /catalog/ folder If you have your shop in another folder, upload the files into the same folder where you have your other shop files and folders. When you get asked if you want to overwrite the exsisting files, you choose yes. Now you can go to your web site, press CTRL + F5 , the page will refresh and you will see the new changes. Att. If you have an already modified shop...you can not follow the instructions above..then you will have to use a file compare program, like for instance beyondcompare , to merge your exsisting files with the ones in this contribution.
  15. toyicebear

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Basic design pack 1.3 now available, Link..... Added: - Modded the 2 boxes search and tip a friend to have the submitt button under the form fields. Othervise the css buttons break the box width. - Now with 2 alternative html_output.php files included. 1. Which includes css buttons and automatic thumbnails functions. 2. Which only includes the css buttons. (The thumbnails contribution would break the shop for those who did not have gdlib support on their web server/hosting.)
  16. toyicebear

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hi Chris, I had a quick look at the instructions for the Attribute Sets Plus and have one question.... Will not this code replacment for products_info.php , make it so that previously added attributes will not show: (I ask since the prviously added attributes will not have any records in the new tables which here is set as a requirment to show the attributes)
  17. toyicebear

    Ultimate SEO and Sid

    Hi, That is the way they are supposed to work. The Ultimate seo url contribution does not remove the osc sids in any way. There are basically 2 ways to make sure that the search engines do not get sids.... 1. Set Prevent Spider Sessions to True . Download the latest spiders.txt from the contribution section and upload it to your shop. or 2. Set Force Cookies to true in your shops admin.
  18. toyicebear

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Basic design pack 1.2 now available, Link.... Added: - CSS defined buttons Att: If you want to use/keep graphically based buttons use version 1.1 instead of 1.2 Why use CSS buttons you might ask? - They load faster - They are automatically generated for any language in your shop
  19. toyicebear

    Can't Get Merch Acct Without Certificate of Authenticity

    I would suggest one of these 3 options... 1. When contacting your potential merchant account provider list all your individule authorized dealers and their contact details , even better get a copy of their proof of authenticity aswell. or 2. Get a offshore/high risk merchant account. or 3. just accept payment by bank transfeer, western union, checks........
  20. toyicebear

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Basic design pack 1.1 now available, Link.... Added: 1. Nicer arrows 2. Automatic thumbnails generation
  21. toyicebear

    Active Countries

    The problem occur when you have a mix of countries with and without zones , the countries without zones will not not throw a state selector "Please Select" but just redirect on..... To fix , well eighter do a redirect fix....or update your countries so that all the available countries have zones attached.
  22. toyicebear

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    The problem actually seems to be that you use a shared ssl , which clashes with force cookies set to true....
  23. toyicebear

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    If you had Read through this support tread and you would have found the answer already... Its related to setting Use Search Engine Friendly Urls to true in your shops admin, this does not work on many hosting/server set-ups. If it does not work for you, you can eighter reconfigure your server, move to another hosting or you can simply not use this function and along with it this contribution. There are plenty of other seo/sef url contributions which do not require you to set Use Search Engine Friendly Urls to True, to see some click on Seo & Sef Urls in my signature under. 1. You have an incorect cookie path setting in your includes/configure.php 2. go over the install again and check the mods you made in admin/includes/functions/general.php
  24. toyicebear

    NIMMIT SEF Support thread

    And you are sure you are using Nimmit sefs and not Yasu?
  25. toyicebear

    ultimate seo urls

    The osc sid is supposed to show in the link only on the first click on your site... ie..like this dvd-movies-c-88.html?osCsid=f62b8190601ac16bb8de76783ef2c772 when you click on the next link/product/cat whatever , its not supposed to show anymore. If its still shows after click 2 , you probably have a wrong cookies setting in your includes/configure.php file