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    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    No its a standard function of oscommerce. It shows as soon as you add extra images in admin under add/edit products
  2. The mentioned add-on is easy to adapt to v2.3, simply follow the manual code change instructions. (Do not try to use pre-modded 2.2 files from any add-on in a 2.3 shop) Because they are too resource intensive and will not load properly/very slowly.
  3. @@sparkylabs This is an easy to install and use mod for price breaks: Simple Price break Besides that you sound like someone who should rather look at Oscmax or Zencart. Oscommerce is as of today close to the only open source cart with a massive selection of FREE add-ons as-well as a cart which can easily be run on shared hosting. BUT it does require its users to take the time to learn some basic php and html programming to add extra functionality. By the way oscommerce is still one of the more widely used cart softwares, but you might not always see its an oscommerce shop at first glance since for most successful shops they have made their own modified version which looks nothing like the default version. There are plenty of other Open Source shopping cart software out there, many more advanced and with much more modern code than the Oscommerce 2 series. (But if you are concerned about having to pay for programming/modifications your can not do yourself then you will probably "cry" after trying one of those.) - Some will only run ok on dedicated servers, ie. you will have to spend 150 USD and up a month for the hosting alone. - Close to all add-ons/extensions cost money - Due to more complex code, most are not DIY friendly at all so you will be at the mercy of commercial programmers for any extra mod/functionality you want. This is why many sticks with Oscommerce, Its very DIY friendly and you if have the aptitude and patience to learn abit coding you can modify it to your particular business needs. The new Oscommerce 3 version might be a "game-changer" when its released though, since it will be very modern, have a template system and have a modular build where a wide range of add-ons can be installed with a click in admin. But then again my guess is that most add-ons released for v3 will be commercial ones like it seems to be with most newer carts system today. I think Oscommerce v2 is fine as a bare boned starter package and should be keep lean and mean to be able to run on most shared hosting and keep its current flexibility to be modified in any wanted direction. But that said the following functions could still be added to the base package to make it a little bit more "newbie" friendly - Admin control for selection of jquery ui theme. - Admin add/edit info pages - Modular front page - Automatic thumbnails - HTML WYSIWYG editor I do think that adding user rating to the add-ons section would be a big plus though. The rating should be for each individual uploaded version of the add-on.
  4. toyicebear

    What is best Paypal module Os 2.3.1?

    You do not actually have to input anything for those when using PayPal Standard. If you wish to use encrypted payments, then you will need to complete them. You can find info on that here...
  5. toyicebear

    What is best Paypal module Os 2.3.1?

    Instead of PayPal express use PayPal Standard.
  6. toyicebear

    Stock control contrib

  7. toyicebear

    PayPal Payments Advanced & osC 2.3.3 Not Working

    Click me>>
  8. toyicebear

    Digital Downloads

    You do not need to install anything to offer downloads its built in. Use the latest stable version, oscommerce v2.3.3 1. In admin set-up your preferences under: Configuration >> Download and Localization >> Order statuses 2. Via FTP add any files you want to sell as downloads to the /downloads/ folder located in the same folder as your shop files at your hosting. 3. Add the downloads to the appropriate product in admin under Catalog >> Product Attributes
  9. Or simply use Oscommerce V2.3.3 it has a social module for Pinterest built in.
  10. toyicebear

    what does this error code mean

    Means that the file "PEAR.php" is missing or not in the specified location. You should check with your hosting if Pear is installed and if not if they will do so for you.
  11. toyicebear

    OS Commerce - Can This Be Done?

    You do not use a paypal button - You add the wanted product into oscommerce, you add the ebook as a download attached to it. - You enable PayPal standard as the payment module or alternatively PayPal Express. When a customer buys the product at your oscommerce shop and then they are sent to Paypal to pay, upon completed payment they are sent back to your oscommerce website where the download is made available for them.
  12. This is a support forums for users of oscommerce shopping cart software, and by using oscommerce as your shopping cart you could easily automate the purchase and download process.
  13. toyicebear

    Login - validation add-on

    Anti Hacker Login (security) for osCommerce (AHL4osC)
  14. Oscommerce does not really have a template system. You can start over and buy a "template", which is actually a full new shop install or you can manually modify your existing shops design. Click and read Basics for 2.3+ design in my signature.
  15. toyicebear

    Discount Coupon Code addon

    This is the one which is missing
  16. toyicebear

    Discount Coupon Code addon

    The errors tells that you have eighter not added the language files for the add-on or you have added them in the wrong place.
  17. toyicebear

    United States Postal Service? need help! PLEASE!

    Find the add-on you have used for USPS and then check its instructions, you might have "overwritten" some of the needed code modifications.
  18. There are a few "older" seo url mods you can use to get that kind of urls, but none of them are supported or further developed.
  19. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    This is an easy to use automatic meta tags generator for osCommerce MS2.2 . It has been tested and works on RC1 and MYSQL 5 and PHP5. It should be as easy to install in a default shop install as in a modified or a template shop. The install consist of 1 file to upload, and just change/replace of 1 line in each of the files where you would like to have meta tags in your shop. Link to add-on: Easy Meta Tags
  20. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    For the front page you can add as many as you like, for the rest they are dynamically created based on the page content and there are no manual entry for those. If you wish to add in meta tags manually for other places on your site then you should look at the Header Tags SEO Add-On instead.
  21. toyicebear

    installing addons

    you add it into where-ever your shop is located at your hosting. If you have renamed the admin folder you also have to take that into account when doing the upload.
  22. toyicebear

    multigeozone for oscommerce 2.3.1

    If you have just written in "ALL COUNTRIES , ALL ZONES" that will not work, you will need to select and add all the countries to that zone.
  23. toyicebear

    Gavekort or Gift Card

    You should change the login info for your admin immediately , before someone "hacks" your shop. This is the instructions from the CCGV Mod:
  24. toyicebear

    Gavekort or Gift Card

    Its in the instructions for CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher basically it is that you make a new category in the shop, called for instance: Gift Cards then you add a products to it. to make those products be a gift card you will need to give it a model number starting with GIFT. See the CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher for more detailed instructions.
  25. toyicebear

    Gavekort or Gift Card

    Read through the instructions for CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher and you will see how you can create a gift card product which is purchasable in your shop.