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    How do I access the Australia Post DRC

    Check the settings in your admin under configuration>>shipping/packaging The settings there affects the calculations
  2. toyicebear

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    There is a configuration setting for min word length in the url , change that to a value lower than 3
  3. toyicebear

    Ultimate SEO URLs v3.0 Features

    click on the relevant seo info links in my signature
  4. toyicebear

    How to download modules

    - On top of this forum, fin the tab named "Add-ons", click on it. There you can download any modules you want, then unzip the packages and read the included instructions on how to install each one.
  5. also all sort orders should be "unique"
  6. toyicebear

    shop by price

    Here is one for 2.2 , it can be modified to use with 2.3
  7. Check the sort order of the discount module, it should be "lower" than the order total
  8. Download the add-on and read the included install instructions.
  9. All the new PayPal modules saves the order before or when the customer clicks on the "confirm order" button. This is so that if the customer does not return back after having payed at PayPal the order is still available. On the other hand if the customer do not complete the payment at PayPal you are left with an "orphan" order. There were some version of the PayPal modules included in older versions of oscommerce which would not save the order until the customer returned back after having made a successful payment , but if the customer made the payment and for some reason did not return back to your shop then no order would be recorded. Ie. a customer had payed for an order but your cart system have no order registered nor any info on what this customer actually had ordered.
  10. toyicebear

    how do i install a new theme

    Click me>>
  11. toyicebear

    Products Attribute Question

    Yes its possible, but you will have to do all changes manually by editing the code. (Do not use drop over and rewrite files from the mod)
  12. toyicebear

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    You can try using the xml sitemap add-on included in the SEO Url download instead, its located inside the "extras" folder
  13. toyicebear

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    in the download look in the folder named : extras , you will find a "dummy" htaccess file there with the info you need
  14. toyicebear

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    In the USU5 section of your shop admin set the url mode to "rewrite" Also read the instructions on the needed changes to the .htaccess file for this to work.
  15. toyicebear

    is there a add on

    In the add-ons section look for visitors and/or supertracker
  16. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    Depending on your oscommerce version.... If you have 2.31 then start looking in: includes/template_top.php Then you might also look in includes/languages/english.php (or any other language you use) If you use oscommerce 2.2 Start by looking in index.php Then you might also look in includes/languages/english.php (or any other language you use)
  17. toyicebear

    Ship cost in shopping cart for osc 2.3

    Click me>> (For 2.2 , but can be modified to work in 2.3 too)
  18. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    The most likely thing you have done wrong is that you have not removed all the code you were supposed to during the install. ie. you have a leftover <title> The only thing you should have in the code is: It creates the tags and if you have some "leftover" tags in your file(s) then it will not show up correctly.
  19. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    Go over the install again and make sure you have done all the steps correctly.
  20. toyicebear

    T-shirt Customizer! ..for free?

    have not seen any free ones, but have seen commercial ones as low as 50 usd ... so use google and you might find some
  21. toyicebear

    Question about which Paypal to use.

    For 2.2 you will need to download PayPal IPN from the add-ons aria and install it at your site.
  22. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    New versions of Easy Meta Tags with the "fix" included upload in the add-ons section.
  23. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    Its not an error but a notice and its due to that newer PHP versions require all variables to be declared before being called. To remove this notice you can simply declare the mentioned variables in the file.
  24. close to all 2.2 mods can be "modified" to work with 2.31