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  1. toyicebear

    Are there any paid addons on OScommerce

    All add-ons added on this website have to be free and GNU. You are on the other hand free to make commercial addons and sell them off your own website.
  2. toyicebear

    Help with one page checkout

    Ask in the used add-ons support tread...that is where you are most likely to find help.
  3. toyicebear

    UPS Module won't let me edit options

    UPS is not included in default oscommerce 2.31 , so it has to have been added to your shop. Go find it in the add-ons section download and un-zip it and read the included instructions.
  4. toyicebear

    UPS Module won't let me edit options

    Make sure that you have followed all the install instructions for the UPS module....There are some extra files outside of the module themselves files which needs to be edited.
  5. toyicebear

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Read the included instructions and you will find information on how to add in replacements for such characters. ie. it will for instance using that you can make the url for KLÆR into a valid format like klaer
  6. toyicebear

    ot_credit ?

    Look in the add-ons section..its most likely from one of the discount coupon code add-ons
  7. toyicebear

    Attributes Add-on

    there is a very old and outdated one, but you might be able to pick-up some ideas from it: Site with js drop menus greater stock control
  8. toyicebear

    How to install add on to fix PayPal standard

    You can use this module: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5655 Follow the instructions and upload add all needed files and directories to you site. (or alternatively this add-on http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2679 )
  9. toyicebear

    Worldpay Integration - Payment Module Not There?

    And did you press uninstall on the old module in admin before adding the new files and then installed the new module in admin?
  10. If that is what you want then you dont really need multi-shop system, you can just as well have several different shops. But if you still want to use the multi-shop system you can simply make the same product for each of the shops, then stock will be subtracted from just that store product. (ie. if you have 4 multi-stores you add the product 4 times and assign 1 of these "copies" to each of the shops) Or you can custom code up a new stock system.....
  11. toyicebear

    Fancybox 2.0 released

    No you can not use v2.0 for free in your website, a webshop is not a personal/non-commercial website.
  12. toyicebear

    Multivendor Addon for V 2.3.1

    You can have a look at: Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0 or Supplier Admin Area V0.2 And looking around in the add-ons section you can probably find other alternatives too.
  13. toyicebear

    Multivendor Addon for V 2.3.1

    Choose one of the 2.2 vendor mods instead, 2.2 mods are very easy to add to 2.3
  14. toyicebear

    PayPal Standard v1.0 and IP Recorder not working

    You will have to modify the PayPal module itself and add in the code to record ip there too.
  15. toyicebear

    Master Card Integration with OS Commerce Website

    Contact the bank where you have your merchant account and ask about a compatible Payment gateway. Then find a payment module for that payment gateway in the add-ons section , download it and then follow the instructions inside install it at your website.
  16. Its for several optional image mods with sub-folder possibilities...so you can take your pick of the one you want to use based on the descriptions of functionality added by the authors.
  17. Close to all mods for 2.2 can be modified to work with 2.3
  18. There are a few add-ons which will allow you to add images into sub-folders
  19. toyicebear

    dc_autoinstaller issue

    don't use the auto-install package...choose another version and do the install manually by following the readme instructions inside the download.
  20. toyicebear

    Easy Meta tags

    seems to be working this is your meta info from the front page: <title>Sillas Mesas Sofas Taburetes Tableros interior exterior Hosteleria</title> <meta name="description" content="mayorista y venta privada de sillas mesas sofas taburetes tableros para interior y exterior de alta calidad y muy economico. Compra su silla, mesa, sofa ,taburete tablero para hosteleria barato" /> <meta name="keywords" content="silla, mesa, sofa, taburete, tablero, sillas, mesas, sofas, taburetes ,tableros, mayorista, compra, venta, privada, interior, exterior, terraza, hosteleria, economico, barato, apilable, plegable, muebles, polipropìleno, italia, calia, madera, mobilaria, reuniones , iglesias, fiesta, fiestas, para ,y ,de ,muy ,su, alta, calidad, privado" />
  21. toyicebear

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    It should work with an ip address to as-long as the configuration and htaccess files are correctly set-up.