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    I am running OS Commerce on two seperate sites on the same server. Both sites use the OSC Affiliate contribution. I also have a lot of the same affiliates on both sites. Today one of my affiliates notified me that he could log into his affiliate account on one site, then change the url to the other site and be logged into another affiliate's account on that other site. He could then edit the affiliates info, see their reports, etc. I also tried to do it with a customer account and luckily it seems to only be possible with the affiliate log in. Any suggestions? It sounds like a cookie or session issue to me, but I wanted to get some other opinions as this could also be affecting many of you. Thanks.
  2. I have also installed the contrib and it works, but only for one attribute. If I have a shirt with a size and color attribute, it doesn't seem to check the stock counts of both attributes. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  3. I just noticed that my coupons aren't tracking. I've found one or two posts in the forums where others have had this problem, but they weren't much help as to how they resolved it. Anyone encounter this problem with your install of the mod? When going through the code, I noticed that the only place it really checks the coupon_redeem_track table based on the customer is in ot_coupon.php. Should the apply_credit() function in ot_coupon.php also be where my insert should be happening? I'm not sure where in the checkout process that the insert into the coupon_redeem_track table should take place and what file is included that does the insert. I am testing using the COD payment option so that I don't have to refund my cc every time I test (the site is live) and I am able to use the coupon over and over even though I have it set to 1 use per customer. Any thoughts?? Thanks!!
  4. krookeddave

    Free Shipping With Options

    Forgive me if this has been discussed already, but I was unable to find an answere after searching this forum for quite some time. I am offering free shipping to customers when their total purchase amount is $75.00 or more. Free shipping is working just fine, but the problem is that customers keep asking if they can get a faster shipping method. So in other words, is there a way to keep your regular shipping options available while also offering free shipping when the customer reaches the free shipping dollar amount? Thanks in advance!