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    UK Card processing

    you need an SSL certificate anyway - you're not going to be doing much business without. There is a good contrib that delivers all you need to gather the data you need to capture the information to process UK cards (issue number, start date etc.) and then delete the data post processing. Search for CVV and you'll find it. Sorry, don't remember the name right now. the email split with CVV works but whether your merchant account provider would be happy with this approach I'm not sure.
  2. OK, but be aware that the reason I disabled the validation element is that the validation was losing me sales by incorrectly identifying valid Mastercards as another card type that I do not take. the only reason I found this out was that customers were mailing to say they were having problems. I might not have found out otherwise. If anyone knows if this issue has been solved btw, pleae post it here. I would like to run the validation again if possible. best of luck John
  3. Sorry, Didn't check the version but I don't use the validation anyway. I have it disabled in admin becasue of it incorrectly indentifying certain Mastercard numbers.
  4. No, that beats me I'm afraid. I increased mine from memory to 32 and set the type to varchar() sorry, looks like this isn't the solution for your issue. Post back if you make progress
  5. Why not increase the number of characters that the field accepts. I encountered this problem and changed cc_number in the orders table to varchar(32). Now accepts full Switch numbers with spaces. As ever, backup first. Not my fault if it goes wrong etc. :)
  6. iainshaw

    Drop Shipping

    Sorry for being such a dimwit but what is drop shipping? I keep seeing references to it all over these forums. I have been corresponding with a guy who said he was setting up a drop shipping operation btw. I didn't ask him at the time as we were too busy sorting out why none of his products were appearing.
  7. iainshaw

    multiple images with auto thumbnail creation?

    I developed 3 scripts for batch processing images in PaintShoPro 8. The client develops 400px images they're happy with and the scripts - process the images to produce 100px, 200px and 140px images for use with UltraPics. The processing does happen offline, so they stillneed to be loaded If products require 6 images each somone's going to be doing stuff in a graphics package anyway aren't they? Scripting it makes the whole process far less painful and I think UltraPics is a fantstic contribution. The combination works well for me. I've never used any of the auto-thumbnailers so can't comment on them
  8. iainshaw

    multiple images with auto thumbnail creation?

    using UltraPics on my new site. The owner is not PC savvy at all and all the images are being loaded through the add new products page