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  1. SpankyAndy

    Paypal Pro UK with 3D Secure

    Hi Johnny, Have you tried Dynamo Effects Paypal Pro module? v1.0.8 was added 5 days ago and says it supports Cardinal 3D Secure !! I'm always a little dubious about installing something so new, but the install file has really been well thought out and with the Paypal Maestro deadline looming, I might be willing to give it a shot. I was sort of hoping somebody else might test the water first though ... :) Cheers Andy
  2. SpankyAndy

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi all, I've had to roll back to v1.07 as I had some issues with all the later versions. However, its all working fine aside from the shipping address. The customer is able to enter a shipping address and it goes through to checkout success without error, but the order comes through with identical billing and shipping addresses (both are the entered billing address). Does anyone know what might be causing this? Cheers Andy
  3. Hi Andy, you have paypal pro working with one page, do you have any installation tips?

    this I believe is the latest one that needs installing, do you have sts and ccgv installed?


  4. SpankyAndy

    One Page Checkout Support

    I've tried this too, but unfortunately it doesn't work. However, the checkout does complete and move to checkout_success if I log in using a previously created account. Again, if I manually create an account, then go to checkout, it also works with no problems. It does appear to be related to creating the account using One Page Checkout, but I'm not sure where to look ... ? Cheers Andy
  5. SpankyAndy

    One Page Checkout Support

    Yes, I've added the code to checkout_process.php twice now and even tried the file from my working RC2a install as a test. I get 3 options for the create account, of which I've tried it with optional and create. In every instance, I get thrown back to a blank checkout page when attempting to confirm the checkout. My server error logs show all of the GET and POST requests, but no errors. Do you have any idea how I can debug this? Cheers Andy
  6. SpankyAndy

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the quick response ! Unfortunately though, my problem still exists after commenting/uncommenting the various lines. Have you any idea what else might be causing it? Cheers Andy
  7. SpankyAndy

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi all, I've got two stores, similar but with the following minor differences: Store 1: RC2a ... Simple Template System v4.5.8 installed ... store is located in site root Store 2: MS2.2 ... Columns and header hard coded ... store is located in sub folder /store/ Store 1 has been running One Page Checkout v1.05 for about 5 months, then later upgraded to v1.08, again with no problems. I've just installed OPC v1.09 on Store 2 and its not working. I've also tried downgrading to v1.08, but the same problem exists as follows: Once all billing details have been completed, pressing the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the checkout screen moves onto the "Processing order, please wait..." screen for a couple of seconds, then goes back to the checkout screen again and blanks out all of the details. I can see the "Processing order" screen attempts to post the form with hidden values as below: <form name="redirectForm" action="XXXXXXX/store/checkout_process.php?osCsid=0mjol444f5inivkk9r6lh3cbq4" method="POST"> <input type="image" src="includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_continue.gif" border="0" alt="IMAGE_CONTINUE" title=" IMAGE_CONTINUE " style="display:none;"><input type="hidden" name="action" value="process"><input type="hidden" name="3084" value="1"> ...(code removed)... <input type="hidden" name="formUrl"><script> redirectForm.submit(); </script></form> Can anyone see why it is failing and not giving an error? If anybody is able to advise, here is a link to test (remove the two instances of XXX for the correct URL): http://www.ajXXXcanvasXXXprints.co.uk/store/test-product-p-3084.html Please add the test product to the cart and go straight to checkout. Use the "cheque/postal order" payment method to complete the order. Please note that I'm using a shared SSL host, but please ignore this fact as it is identical to my first store which works fine. Any help or pointers of where I need to look would be much appreciated ! Cheers Andy
  8. SpankyAndy

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi all, Just wondering whether anybody could give me a little pointer here ... My One Page Checkout has been working absolutely fine up until recently. It still allows customers to make purchases as normal, so that side is ok, but the following two problems have developed: 1. Customers make orders, but then go into their account and it shows no order history. Two customers have launched a ranting complaint about this so far as they think we've stolen their money, despite us having the full order details in the database. 2. Since our web host changed the server our site was on yesterday (configure.php files have been updated accordingly), the order details aren't added to the database when a purchase is made. However, OSC sends out the relevant emails to customer and admin addresses with full order/customer info. The customer details are added to the database as normal. We're using the Paypal direct payments Pro module and have our checkout located on a shared SSL server, for info (both of these have been working perfectly before now). Can anybody give me any clues as to where I should be looking for the problem? I've scanned what I thought were the obvious .php's for tep_db update queries, but can't find anything. I'm at a bit of a loss with this one ... ! Cheers Andy
  9. SpankyAndy

    Header Tags SEO

    Actually, I've worked around that too now. I put an if statement on line 573 of includes/header_tags.php, picked up the variables from my page and echo'd them to the page title/description. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, Jack. Cheers Andy
  10. SpankyAndy

    Header Tags SEO

    Its ok, I figured out how to work around the problem. I added the page name directly into includes/header_tags.php rather than using its FILENAME_XXXX reference. It's worked, but now I can't add pseudo pages based on the same file... nothing is ever easy ! :) Jack, is there a variable I can pass from my page to header tags so that it picks up the page title/description dynamically rather than me manually adding it in ? Cheers
  11. SpankyAndy

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, My page is showing in page control. It allows me to enter the header information, which goes into the DB row correctly, but when checking "View Result" it displays the default tags with a yellow background. I'm not sure where I should be looking for the issue. Cheers
  12. SpankyAndy

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi all, I've written a PHP page for displaying articles from a Wordpress DB (heavily modified version of Wordpress Article Manager - my version is available as the latest download), but header tags SEO is only displaying the default header info. The file is represented within includes/header_tags.php and has an entry that matches within includes/filenames.php, but I still can't seem to get it to display anything other than the default tags. Any ideas where I should be looking ? Cheers
  13. SpankyAndy

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give my 2 pence worth and advise on an issue I've been struggling with for a while. I've had the issue a lot of people have mentioned whereby Header Tags SEO (v3.1.5 in my case) and Ultimate SEO URL's (v2.1d on mine) only display the default header information on pages based around index.php. All other pages work fine. I figured it was only pages that had been rewritten to .html, so started playing around. I eventually figured that changing PHP_SELF to $_SERVER[php_self] on line 32 of includes/header_tags.php resolves the issue. Hope this helps a lot of people out as I've read all 150+ pages of this forum thread and been scouring the interweb for days. Cheers Andy
  14. SpankyAndy

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi All ! Does anybody have any feedback on the above? I've been playing with it, but no joy. I'm worried that Google is going to penalise me and not index some of the pages due to duplicate text content. Any help is always appreciated guys ! Cheers Andy
  15. Hi all ! I've got Ultimate SEO URL's 2.1d installed and working fine, but I've now discovered I need to move and rename one of my categories for SEO purposes. A 301 redirect is in order, but this is confusing me big time while USEO URL's is involved. Basically, I'm trying to do this ... Current setup: Name: Category1 (parent) Real URL: /index.php?cPath=10 USEO Rewritten URL: /category1-c-10.html Category1 is to be renamed Category2 and moved to a sub category as follows: Name: Category2 (sub category) Real URL: /index.php?cPath=20_10 USEO Rewritten URL: /[parent]-category2-c-20_10.html Now, I realise I need a 301 dynamic page redirect in my .htaccess for either index.php?cPath=10 or category1-c-10.html, but I'm totally unsure of the syntax given the USEO contribution rewrites the URL in the first place, so there's no HTML file to redirect. As I said... I'm very confused. If anyone's able to help me out, I'd really appreciate it ! Cheers Andy