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  1. Irvin

    Need Pay Pal module to offer Australian currency

    Ouch, same problem here! What's going on with the paypal Australia??! Anyone??
  2. What an awesome contribution! However, there's one possible problem though. When a customer is on the checkout page, he has to fill in the Shipping Address, this is where the problem start to happen with the Shipping Methods. Let's say the customer is in Australia, and when the customer is filling out that checkout form for the first time, the only shipping method available to that new customer is 'Flat Rate/Best Way'. I was wondering if there's a way we can make the other shipping methods i.e. Australia Post become available? I tried changing the SHIPPING ZONE and TAX CLASS setting of the AusPos shipping modules to none in the hope that the AusPos shipping methods will be displayed on the checkout page. Maybe someone got hints/clues/solution to this problem? Still, this is a great contribution.
  3. Irvin

    Payflo Pro issue

    Hellooo Anyone having any problem with the Paypal Payflow Pro payment module lately? Just a few days ago, we're having some problem with this payment module. Basically it keeps rejecting credit card payment, and saying this error 'Credit Card Error! Please try again." Everything had been working perfectly, until just recently, like a few days ago, I'm suspecting this has to do with either the Verisign side (i.e. they just upgraded their API), or the payment module/script is outdated (i.e. isn't supported in PHP5 and the latest Mysql version) ??? Could anyone please shed some light as I'm very desperate to get this working back to its normal, I've already spent countless hours looking through the codes, but then the codes haven't been touched at all even when it was working before.
  4. Hi, I've installed this contribution (the latest version 2.1), everything works fine except when I do some testing, it keeps showing the same error message. For instance, I typed in a coupon code which is already expired, but it shows the same error message (invalid coupon used) rather than 'coupon is expired and no longer valid'. Also the Maximum Order doesn't work either. I had maximum order set to $100 and placed an order more than $100 with the Voucher (with max order set to $100), but it allows the transaction to go through. Could you tell me what should I do to fix this please? Thanks very much for a great contribution.
  5. Irvin

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sales Report v1.0

    Hi, does anybody manage to get the labels/measure on the X axis to display? I've just installed this contribution with the latest file v.1.3 from http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,524 But I'm having problem here, the labels on the X axis doesn't show up. The labels on Y axis does show up though. According to http://www.tibetcollection.com/images/sales_report.gif, the labels/measure on the X axis should show up (i.e. 0, 200, 400, 600). Could anybody know what's wrong with that or maybe you don't have any problem with it at all? Please please pleaseee help...
  6. Irvin

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    Hi, does any body know how to display the parent / main category name if I have products, categories and sub categories in the following structure: -Main Category 1 -Sub Category 1 -Product 1 -Product 2 -Product 3 -Sub Category 2 -Product 4 -Product 5 -Product 6 -Main Category 2 -Sub Category 1 -Product 1 -Product 2 -Product 3 -Sub Category 2 -Product 4 -Product 5 -Product 6 And with that example, for every product, I'd like to display its corresponding Main Category. For instance, Product 1 has its main category displayed as Main Category 1. I have tried to modify the sql files around a bit, and some codings, but have been no luck. Please somebody help me out.
  7. Irvin

    eWay Module - Problems?

    Hello guys, I'm currently using the Eway shared payment gateway to process online credit card payment, but I'm trying to move into their XML payment for a more professional online payment processing. I've never used / attempted to use their XML method, so I'm absolutely newbie in this, therefore I'd need your help with the following: -What are the files/modules that I need to download (either from the Oscommerce contribution section, or from the Eway.com.au website. -I've downloaded 2 files from Eway website at http://www.eway.com.au/support/xml_php.asp, but I don't what to do with those 2 files. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Irvin

    Contribution Issue

    Hi, Just a one quick easy short question for thos who've used this contribution. Does it actually support image uploading as well? I mean not only texts content, but also text with pictures? Also is it HTML based? Or more like WYSIWYG content editor? Any help/answers is appreciated, thanks very much in advance. :)
  9. Irvin

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I'm getting same problem with most of you are currently experiencing. It's pretty weird with paypal communicating with the oscommerce paypal payment module.
  10. Hi Jack, Thanks for this contribution. It's my first time using this contribution, and I've tried almost ten times to reinstall and follow all the installation procedures carefully, but still kept getting the following error when I click on the link HEADER TAGS (with submenu Page Control and Text Control) in the administration control panel. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare changeswitch() (previously declared in /home/wsa/public_html/demo-shopping-cart/admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php:12) in /home/wsa/public_html/demo-shopping-cart/admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 12 I've done nothing to the admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php file though, I simply copy it from the contribution zip file to my oscommerce folder (on my webserver). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Regards, Irwin
  11. Irvin

    Paypal Austrlian dollar module

    Same problem here. I was wondering if you've managed to get it working? Anyone else care to help? Pls??
  12. Hi, Does anybody know how can i display all the products that reside under a particular main category (main menu) when mouse-over the menu? Pls help...thanks in advance. Cheers, Irvin :unsure: