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  1. I'm having the same problem. I'm assuming that it is a bug with the contribution. If you look a few posts above Scranmer posted some code to place in the catalog/includes/classes/cc_validation.php file to help with this. I haven't been able to get this to work for my shop yet. I may be putting the code in the wrong place or something. Anyways here is the code: } elseif (ereg('^(3[0-9]{4}|2131|1800)[0-9]{11}$', $this->cc_number)) { $this->cc_type = 'JCB'; if ( strtolower(MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_ACCEPT_ORIG_JCB) != 'true' ) return -5; } else { // //**si** // //ensure gift voucher system installed and if we are using the balance we do not require cc info global $credit_covers; //check to see if gv installed if (isset($credit_covers)) { //check to see if credit balance>order total & no cc info entered if ( $credit_covers && strlen($number.$cc_cvv.$cc_issue)==0 && ( strlen($expiry_m)==0 || $expiry_m='mm' ) && ( strlen($expiry_y)==0 || $expiry_y='yy' ) && ( strlen($start_m)==0 || $start_m='mm' ) && ( strlen($start_y)==0 || $start_y='yy' ) ) { return true; } } // //**si** end // return -1; }
  2. I'm trying to fix the problem with having to enter a credit card number even though the coupon covers the cost. Is the file that I need to look at catalog/includes/classes/cc_validation.php? and if so I'm kinda lost as of what to put and where? I understand the checks to see if the information entered is numerical and if the expiration date is not expired. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm having the same problem also. I have tried edited the catalog/languages/english/gv_redeem.php file to just say Congratulations. But it still says the same thing "Congratulations you have redeemed" I also look at the code in catalog/gv_redeem.php and couldn't figure out anything. The weird thing is it works perfectly when I mail a gift voucher to someome and they redeem it. I don't have any contributions installed except for this one.
  4. kristymichelle

    Error with CCGV

    I'm having the same problem. Let us know if you figure it out and I'll do the same!
  5. My coupon code works like a charm. But my shopping cart skips the checkout_shipping.php page. I believe I may have the sort order wrong. Here is what I have: Discount Coupons 740 Gift Vouchers 760 Low Order Fee Shipping 2 Subtotal 1 Tax 0 Total 900
  6. kristymichelle

    Register Globals Support

    I've searched the forums and I've even posted in the General Support section and I can't seem to find any help with this problem. I have installed Oscommerce 2.2MS2. I am on a shared host, and register globals are turned off. I get the error message that register globals must be enabled. I then install the patch version 1.2.1 to fix this. Everything works exactly the way it is supposed to except in the Admin area when I try to add a new product or a new product category I get an Internal Server Error. I type in the Category Name, Upload the image, click save and this is when I get the Internal Server Error page. Also, when trying to add a new product, I enter in all the information such as the item description, etc. I click the preview button and I get the Internal Server Error. The only contribution I have installed is the register globals 1.2.1 fix. I haven't done anything else to the shopping cart. The server's error log says this: Tue Oct 19 11:25:03 2004] [error] [client xx.xx.xxx.xx] File does not exist: /home/domainname/public_html/500.shtml [Tue Oct 19 11:25:03 2004] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] Premature end of script headers: /home/domainname/public_html/catalog2/admin/categories.php Thanks in advance!
  7. kristymichelle

    Help Needed!!

    My PayFlow Pro was working perfectly until the other day when the host upgraded php to 4.3.9 Now all I get is Credit Card Error! Anyone know why this upgrade caused PayFlow to stop working? I can log into the VeriSign manager and the transactions have not went through. :'( I do not know where to start fixing this. Thanks in advance!
  8. kristymichelle

    [Contribution] Order E-Mail Text

    Hi all..I have implemented this contribution. I really like it. I just have one problem. In the administration area when I change the PLACE YOUR EXTRA TEXT HERE!!!!! and click the save button. It goes back to the original text. Did I do something wrong or do I have to manually change this in the database. Thanks
  9. kristymichelle

    [Contribution] Admin Send New Password V1

    :wacko: I am really embarassed. It does work properly when someone goes to change their password. I don't know what I did the first time that caused it not to work. But I tried it again and it did exactly what I said it didn't. I apologize.
  10. kristymichelle

    [Contribution] Admin Send New Password V1

    I really like this contribution. I have a question about it though. The admin sends the user a new password. The user can log into their account with this new password. However, when the user goes to their account to change their new password to something they'll remember. Before the user can change the password, the system will not allow them to use the new password. It wants the one that they had before you sent them another one. More than likely the person doesn't know that password or you wouldn't of had to send them another one. This is what happened when I tested the contribution. Maybe I did something wrong. But I just thought I would leave you guys with something to think about.