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  1. You know my motto is "festina lente" (hasten slowly) - I should have taken my own advice!!! Anyway, I apologize if I managed to completely confuse anyone with my table comments. D'oh! I MEANT to say (if I'd stopped to think about it) that the total in the table displays correctly, and it displays in the admin area correctly but it is NOT the total sent to authorize.net (and other gateway processors). I went nuts (obviously) trying to figure out where the actual total being sent for processing was coming from. Also, I do appreciate the work put into this mod. I just wish I knew how to make it work with authorize.net and despite the many, many postings on this topic no real solution has been presented. Again, apologies for the misinformation - blame it on Monday, lack of sleep and bronchitis. Mea culpa.
  2. My BAD! (ouch!) That total IS correct but it is not the total that is sent to authorize.net.
  3. Hello to all who are having difficulties with Credit Class and Authorize.net...this contribution will NOT work. The discount isn't really being applied the way it should...if you check your database in the orders_total table, you'll see that the amount total is NOT a discounted amount. This is the number being sent to authorize.net. The problem is not with the authorize.net mod it is with the credit class mod. If you continue to use the credit class mod with authorize.net, you'll end up having to contact every customer who uses a discount coupon in order to get their credit card number, delete the original order and place a new order. FRUSTRATING??!!! You bet! I spent weeks investigating this, going through every forum, and it has been a problem since day one - one that has not yet been resolved. There are two workarounds that I've found, the first one was posted on the forum earlier (can't remember who, sorry! but it works). Option (1) ------ Add a new item to your catalog with a negative amount that reflects the discounted total you want to apply. When placed in the shopping cart, it will be deducted from the overall order, appear correctly in the total amount in the orders_total table and go through to authorize.net at the correct amount. . Option (2) --Offer (2) checkout options - one using authorize.net for orders that are not discounted and the other using the basic credit card checkout, so you can capture the credit card number and submit the discounted total to authorize.net manually. Since we'd already sent out hundreds of discount coupons with individual codes, I use the second option and it has worked fairly well. Just make sure you either split the cc info or delete the cc number from the db ASAP. Important security. Looking forward the day when a real solution presents itself. Good luck and hope this helps! :)
  4. Help! :( I'm still in urgent need for an authorize.net fix. The correct discounted total displays on screen, in the customer order confirmation email and in the admin area. Thought all was well and emailed hundreds of discount coupons to perspective customers. Many orders are being placed as a result. BUT, when the transaction goes to authorize.net, the amount does not include the discount and customer credit cards are being billed for the non-discounted amount. A major problem. Relevant info: 1. Using Authorizenet ADC Direct Connection w/cvv and transaction key. 2. This is the only payment module being used. 3. Using the 510b release of ccgv. I would truly appreciate any help with this. Thank you!!
  5. Yes - authorize.net is the only payment method I'm using.
  6. Hi Strider, Bao Nguyen's Authorizenet ADC Direct Connection with Austin Renfroe's Transaction Key, Sort Order update from Aug 13,2003. Thanks, for responding so quickly and for all the work you've done on this! :)
  7. Hi, I'm using version 5.10b with the authorize.net mod. When a user redeems a discount code, the correct amount appears with the deduction. Unfortunately, when the order goes to authorize.net - the discount is not being applied. :( Anyone know of a fix for this? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Karen
  8. Thank you, Tom! I definitely appreciate your taking the time to address this issue. My vote is with Fritz - option A. :wink:
  9. Hi, I am using authorize.net with snapshot 12.31.02. Although the comments are included in the admin section they are not appearing in the extra order email or the customer email. In the pre-November versions the comments appeared in all three cases. Any idea why this is happening or how I can fix it? My client uses the extra order email to process orders so it's very important that I find a way to get the comments inserted. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you!