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  1. hey guys, i have about 5-6,000 items in my store, i am trying to download the complete file, but it is not download :( i think maybe its a timeout issue. Do any of you have any ideas how i can fix this problem? thanks in advance! William
  2. v8superfan

    Easy Populate: Too many items?

    bump! please, somebody gotta have an idea...?
  3. v8superfan

    Easy Populate: Too many items?

    can somebody please help?
  4. hey, right now i have around 7-8,000 items on my site, i am trying to download the complete tab-delimited file, but it isnt working....is it because theres too many items? is it possible just to download 1 category at a time? william
  5. v8superfan

    Easy Populate Large Files

    for some reasons, when i upload any files more bigger than 30 items, my internet locks up, and i have to restart :S please help william
  6. Hey there, i skimmed through the other easy populate threads, but couldnt find much information regarding this matter. Heres my situation. I will have about 50,000 items on my site, and it will be quite inconvenient to upload all this when i just need to add say 10-20 items. My question is, is it possible to manually create say 20 seprate files, for items in each category, and then say if i need to add something to the first category, i just need to modify that file, and upload that. Will it do what its supposed to do? (just adding those new items), or will it confuse easy populate and delete the other items :S Another Question is, is it possible to delete a item using easy populate? Like removing that EORE** sumthin. Will
  7. hey there, after i installed sts, it made all the texts and boxes on the site all weird. The fonts got alot bigger, and they look really ugly, and all the borders around the boxes have disappeared. I tried to fix this by manually making boxes on the left column, it sort of worked, but what about the contents area....i do not know howto modify it. Will
  8. v8superfan

    STS and Coolmenu

    hey there! Is there anyway i can use coolmenu with the STS contrib? Ive read alot of posts about it, but none of them got answers...at least i didnt see them. thanks in advance! william
  9. v8superfan

    pay cash

    hey there everybody, i would like an option where the user can add an item to shopping cart, and when they checkout select a pay cash option. Which puts the order into pending or something. Then they can mail the cash over and i can dispatch the order! is there anyway you could do this?... i searched everywhere and i only found one cash payment module, cash 1.1 i think, but it has Use this module only on osC installations with the 'old' checkout code. i dont know what that mean....all the others are cash on delivery William
  10. v8superfan

    Paypal Security

    thanks alot mate! was looking for that one :P cheers
  11. v8superfan

    Paypal Security

    can somebody please help?
  12. v8superfan

    Paypal Security

    Hey guys, is the paypal payment module secure? Some of my friends told me that there are ways to get trick the system into thinking they have paid, when they have not. I think its something to do with looking in the souce code. I really dont want that happening...Please help! Thanks in advance Will