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  1. I have installed Oscommerce 2.3.1. I have used saved credit card as payment method when I am going to add payment and after enter credit card details its showing invalid request for some no and for some no its showing error message. I want to show error message if anyone enter wrong credit card no not invalid request. could anyone suggest me any solution for this Thanks
  2. Hello Matt, I have tried this but when I am trying to update qty its getting empty $this->contents. Actually i am trying to add 2 or more product of same products id. I have attached customer basket table customer basket have different total no of product and in cart its showing less than table. there should 14 in cart but its showing only 11 items in cart
  3. product_info1.php?products_id=666&osCsid=gjbvllhg8gr8ftsnudlbuj3dl4 also you can access by folowing link /product_info.php?id=72&type=2BAY&add_more_bay=0&osCsid=gjbvllhg8gr8ftsnudlbuj3dl4
  4. they are different product by text but in all 4 products have same products id. means if dimension will be 24-1/4" to 30" then they are uses same product id. their dimension are 25-1/2", 26-1/2", 28-1/2" and 29-1/2" but there are using 1 product if for all these 4. I have make text string on shopping cart page according to its dimension.
  5. Hi , I have a problem with shopping cart total qty calculation. I have added products in shopping cart with same product_id and different values. when I trying to update my cart its calculating only one product not other which have same product_id, that's why its not calculating correct qty and price of total cart. I have attached screenshot of my page Could anybody please help me about this. Thanks & Regards Satendra Kumar
  6. ksatendra2

    ezsocial login sessions problems

    I am trying to add more than 400 products in shopping cart but its Warning: session_start(): Trying to destroy uninitialized session in sessions.php on line 102 and its getting destroyed $_SESSION['final_product']. could anybody tell why its happening? thank you